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Spanish Tapas Bistro Restaurant
Brand Identity & Program Design
Parkway Middle School
Mascot Logo & Secondary Mark
OTTO 8 Winery
Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Package Design
Brennia Maldives Luxury Resort
Brand Strategy, Brand Name, Brand Identity, Marketing Collateral, Website Design
Human EXE
Brand Identity, Visual Profile
Nohoot Restaurant
Brand Strategy, Brand Identity
Ashton Brook Appartments
Brand Story, Brand Identity
Victus Burger
Brand Story, Brand Name, Brand Identity, Package Design

Brand Strategy + Brand Identity Agency

We Help Awaken Your Brand™ by creating a robust brand strategy, brand story, brand identity language and expression to motivate and energise your brand to awaken – leading to stronger customer alignment, sales and revenue.

While Spellbrand excels as a brand identity agency for medium to large companies with decent brand budgets, we also continue to thrive as a high quality and affordable solution to the small business owners who want to work with true design professionals.

Most startups launch without a solid understanding as to how they should position themselves to gain traction with their customers and dominate their competitors. They usually choose “me-too” tactics and generic visual messaging to communicate their value to their target audience. Sometimes they do not communicate their value at all.

With studios in New York and London, we at SpellBrand strive every day to change this status quo by helping startups realize the importance of brand strategy and visual storytelling that sets the tone and tempo of their brands and lead them down the path of brand success.

New to branding? Read our step-by-step guide on building a successful brand.