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We Help Awaken Your Brand® through Brand Strategy, Logo Design, and Brand Identity!

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While Spellbrand excels as a brand identity agency for medium to large companies with decent brand budgets, we also continue to thrive as a high quality and affordable solution to the small business owners who want to work with true branding professionals.

Most startups launch without a solid understanding as to how they should position themselves to gain traction with their customers and make their competitors irrelevant. Instead they usually choose “me-too” tactics and generic visual messaging to communicate their value to their target audience. Sometimes they do not communicate their value at all.

We at SpellBrand strive every day to change this status quo by helping startups realize the importance of Blue Ocean Brand Strategy and visual storytelling that sets the tone and tempo of their brands and lead them down the path of brand success by making their competition irrelevant.

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Brand Strategy + Logo Design + Brand Identity Agency


To escape your noisy marketplace, your brand needs a brand story and positioning strategy. We are experts at creating blue ocean brand strategies.

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Strategic Brand Identity helps your brand make the competition irrelevant. Consistency is the key and our brand identity service ensures this!

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Your company logo design is one of the most critical aspects of your branding and message communication. Ensure that you get a professional logo design!

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Launch your brand with an awesome brand name. All other factors being equal, the brand with the better brand name will almost always come out on top!

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Your brand needs a website that communicates your core brand message and aligns with your target customers. We can create the perfect website for your brand!

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Marketing your brand online is a challenging task. At SpellBrand we deliver awesome results through marketing strategies and campaigns!

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