The Art Of Creating Sub-Brands


Indonesia, US

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INDOSPEC is a leading technology provider and supplier in the energy sector covering mechanical, electrical, plumbing, PV power generation, energy management solution, and property industry.

Indospec wanted help with creating a parent brand identity and a set of sub-brands for each of their market specializations. The result is a beautiful primary brand logo design and a series of stunning sub-brand marks for each of the sub companies.

indonesia energy branding
energy company brand
energy brand logo design
energy brand identity

INDOSPEC Parent Brand

We started by creating a framework of design structure and elements for the primary brand logo design that would then set the stage for any subsequent sub-brand logos that we would create. This meant that we had to take great care to create a design structure that would look similar and still unique when implemented across different sub-brands.

After much research and ideation, we decide to go with an emblematic icon design style with a hexagon as the base structure with elements of the market segment that the brand was specializing in. The result is a beautiful parent logo design that works equally well across all the sub-brands.

solar energy branding
solar power company logo design
solar energy brand identity
solar power sub brand

Solar Power Sub-brand Logo

Taking the structure and visual language of the primary brand logo, we create this elegant logo for the solar energy sub-brand of INDOSPEC. We took the core components of the solar ecosystem – the Sun and a solar panel and then integrated it with the parent hexagon structure to create this beautiful icon.

green energy logo design
green energy branding
green energy brand identity

Green Energy Sub-brand Logo

The Green Energy sub-brand of INDOSPEC utilizes the concepts of green, ideas, and technology to communicate what this sub-brand specializes in. All these elements are integrated into the hexagon to give the logo a unique yet familiar look.

drilling company branding
drilling energy branding
oil dirlling logo design
oil drilling company brand identity

Oil Drilling Sub-brand Logo

The Oil Drilling sub-brand of INDOSPEC brings the idea of an oil drop, an oil drill, and an oil drum to create an intricate yet simple iconic representation of the oil drilling sector. The design is unique yet confirms the parent brand and sits nicely in the family of brands.

electric indonesia logo
electric company logo design
electric brand identity
electric branding
electric company brand sign

Electric Company Sub-brand Logo

The Electric Power company sub-brand of INDOSPEC incorporates the idea of power for industries as that is the mission statement of this sub-brand. The logo looks stunning and in the image of the parent logo with its own unique flair and strength.

property company logo design
property firm brand identity
property branding

Property Developer Sub-brand Logo

The property development wing of the INDOSPEC brand works with clients from around the world who want to invest in Indonesia. To be able to work with different regions and cultures of the world we decided to keep the icon very basic and universal. We chose a green hour icon enclosed by a larger blue icon – almost like how the Earth is covered by the sky!