Dominican Republic Cigars Brand Identity

Santa Domenica Puros

Bellevue, WA

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Services Rendered
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Cigar Label Design
  • Humidor Design
  • Package Design
  • Final Source Files
  • Brand Style Guide

Santa Domenica cigars are made with high-quality tobacco. Thanks to their tobacco suppliers from the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Nicaragua, Ecuador Cuba, they can assure the finest quality cigars with exquisite taste and smooth draw.

Santa Domenica cigars can please even the most demanding smoker’s palate, providing them with a memorable experience with each puff. To bring that premium luxury and high quality to life, SDP came to Spellbrand to create a brand strategy and stunning branding and visual language.

dominican republic cigar parchment design
a man in sunglasses smoking a cigar
dominican republic cigars sign design

Premium cigars and cigar smoking, in general, have become a luxury activity and a sign of culture, sophistication, and gentleness. To bring these attributes to the forefront, we came up with a winning brand strategy and brand story that then translated into a heraldic emblem primary logo design that still manages to look modern and elegant.

dominican republic cigar humidor design
dominican republic cigars brand identity
dominican republic cigar label design
dominican republic cigar gift box design
cigar manufacturing
santa domencia puros robusto cigars box

After the primary and secondary logo icons were created we then designed a stunning cigar label along with a humidor design and a simple yet practical box design. The design hints at quality but also makes the brand approachable.

premium cigars gift humidor design
woman sitting in chair with whiskey and cigar
premium cigars pattern design
premium cigars box design

We also created a series of gift boxes and limited edition cigar boxes for those special cigars that SDP would produce from time to time. The official brand pattern we created looks luxurious and when printed on a satin inset, it just takes the package to the next level. Compared to the top 10 cigar logos that we profiled a few years back, I think this cigar logo we created for our client is so much more creative and stunning.

premium cigars business card design
premium cigars envelope design
premium cigars facebook cover design
premium cigars letter head design

We completed the branding by creating a beautiful e-commerce store website for the client. The stunning design and elegance of the website is unmatched in the small cigar retail sector. The beautiful layout, photos and colors were hand crafted to lift the cigar brand to the stratosphere. Coupled with a robust commerce store built-in, this client is set to take on the Cigar world!

cigar website design
dominican replublic cigar website design
cigar online store
cigar branding website
cigar company website design
cigar puros brand website
cigars brand design
dominican replublic cigar company website design