Brand Strategy Service

We will help create a turn-key full-scale brand strategy to position your brand in the marketplace, attract customers and sales. We Help Awaken Your Brand® by creating a robust brand strategy

Great brands create emotional connections with their customers – they inspire people to take action. Your customers want to know what your brand stands for.

Consumers no longer believe advertisements and the communication landscape has changed drastically in the last few years with technology playing a major role in who people buy from.

Our Brand Accelerator Program will take you on a journey to build a BLUE OCEAN brand – one that attracts customers like a magnet by creating the right perception of your brand that aligns with the worldview of your customers.

Through 5 phases, we will take your business from scratch and create a strategy that will instantly set your brand apart from the competition and gain the mindshare of your ideal customers. The end result is a brand strategy playbook as well as a beautifully designed brand identity that would help guide your brand to success.

Phase 1: Your Brand Core

We start off by creating your brand inspiration base – authentic elements of your brand: what your brand stands for, what drives your brand, what your values and how you communicate that to your target audience.


With these elements in place, your brand becomes instantly recognizable and attracts a tribe around your brand that believes in what you believe and hence becomes loyal to your brand.

Phase 2: Your Different Brand

Next, we work with you to help differentiate your brand. Without differentiation, you’re selling a commodity and have to compete on price – or your brand will stagnate or die. We uncover the strengths of your brand as part of your brand strategy.

After analyzing your strengths, We will figure out how to communicate them using specific criteria which can turn them into competitive advantages in the mind of your buyer.


Your brand will stand out from the competition and perhaps even make the competition obsolete. Your brand does not play at the bottom fighting price wars but rather operates in its own space.

Phase 3: Your Brand Mindshare

We help you figure out your positioning strategy – owning a space in the mind of your buyer. We uncover how the mind of your target audience deals with brands, along with different positioning approaches for specific stages of your market’s lifecycle.


You get to decide what you want your brand to be known for – the mindshare that will attract the right customers to your brand.

Phase 4: Your Brand Architecture

We take a deep dive into the experience for your brand to deliver, revisit your positioning statement and then create your Brand Story.


Your brand story will stick to your target customer’s minds and create that special bond that turns your audience into paying and loyal customers.

Phase 5: Your Brand Identity

We then translate your brand strategy and message into your visual identity by creating a stunning logo mark, corporate color palette, and typography. We will also create supporting branding assets to enhance your brand look and feel.


Your brand will look like a Fortune 500 business with a brand new logo design, supporting secondary brand mark, official brand pattern and other identity elements.

If you are looking for an agency to help you push through the barriers and create a brand that makes it easy to target the right audience and convert them into loyal customers, talk to one of our brand strategists to find out if we are a good fit for your and what the process and costs are.

The Service process is as follows:

  • Schedule a 20 minute discovery call with a strategist. (Schedule Call Now)
  • On the discover call we discuss your goals for the brand. What are you trying to achieve – besides sales and revenue. We encourage you to think about the big picture and how the brand can be much more than simply selling products or services. We also talk about overall path that your brand should take and how we can help create that path and what we can create for you.
  • We indicate a budget.
  • We then send you an email with a written confirmation of the budget as well as a link to a formal proposal and pitch.
  • Once you sign up, we need to schedule a quick 10 minute on boarding call to review the process and what you can expect.
  • We then send you a followup on boarding email outlining our process and milestones.
  • We schedule a 2 hour call to take you through identifying you brand core values, you blue ocean niche selection etc.
  • We schedule another 2 hour call to talk about your audience, customers – their pain points, what are they interested in, what does a win looks like for them and so on
  • Then we work on the brand architecture, story elements and messaging
  • The final deliverable will be a video of the strategy using a keynote presentation followed by a PDF of the brand strategy playbook
  • And then we move on to creating the brand identity

FINAL DELIVERABLE: This section becomes a Brand Strategy document outlining all the above sections with clear actionable items, suggestions, guidelines and text/content for direct use.