Brand Messaging Strategy Service

We will help your brand hone in on what’s important to your market and communicate it consistently and effectively.

Brand Messaging Strategy – How people perceive your brand is determined as much by your visual identity as by your brand messaging.

Your brand messaging strategy must align with your positioning and brand strategy and give a consistent tone of voice to your brand.

Great messages take your competitive positioning and brand strategy to the next level. They hone in on what’s important to your market and communicate it consistently and effectively. How you respond when asked about your brand or service or product and the tone of your messaging has a tremendous impact on how your brand is perceived by your target audience.

Messaging should be a top priority for any brand wanting to gain mind-share as well as market share. How people perceive your brand depends as much on messaging as on the brand identity and visual language. Your great brand story is communicated through great messaging.

To create a robust messaging strategy that will help your brand differentiate itself in the marketplace, we use the following methods and techniques:

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Current Message Evaluation

Here you will evaluate the strength of your current messages by conducting an internal and external audit to determine if you need to update your messages.

Summarize current messages
Audit internal and external messages
Analyze the results.

Messaging Requirements

In this section we will figure out how you respond when someone asks “what does your company do?”. This includes:

Review competitor’s messages
Outline content to include in messages
Determine tone of messages

Elevator Pitch

Good elevator pitches convey enough information to give the listener an understanding of what you do, while also piquing their interest so they ask more questions. We will help create the elevator pitch. This includes:

Crystalize the value proposition
Write the elevator pitch

Positioning Statements

We create your 25-word, 50-word and 100-word positioning statements for use as core messages that fit a variety of materials. The shorter statements focus on the value and brand position. Longer statements add features and benefits. This includes:

Evaluating your target audience
Writing positioning statements

Mission Statement

Why is your company ultimately in business? Your mission statement can be as simple as one line or complex enough to fill an entire page. We create that for you. This includes:

Understanding your vision and mission
Writing the mission statement


We determine the necessity of a tagline/slogan and then create a tagline and key visuals that deliver a succinct selling message to the marketplace. This includes:

Determining the strength of your brand name
Create a tagline/slogan

FINAL DELIVERABLE: This section becomes a Messaging Strategy document outlining all the above sections with clear actionable items, suggestions, guidelines and text/content for direct use.