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Powerful & Effective Brand Naming Agency

Having the right and appropriate brand name covers half of your hassle in formulating the right brand recall for your startup. Start your journey towards a word-class brand and get professional brand naming services to name your startup.


What Is Included In Our Brand Naming Services Package?

SpellBrand conducts detailed research about your brand and offers you a complete package of services. Here is what we incorporate into the spectrum of our brand naming agency.

  • After in-depth internal research into your company, market segment, potential customers, target market, and competition, our branding agency comes up with a list of 6-10 different brand names.
  • Each name will be distinctive and will have meaning and stories attached to them.
  • We will conduct basic trademark searches to ensure they have not been trademarked.
  • For all brand name development suggestions our brand naming services come up with, we will try and secure a top-level domain URL web address, where available.


How Does Our Brand Naming Agency Work?

Savvy entrepreneurs and businesses realize the importance and core value of investing in getting the right brand name. Business owners realize timely that a brand name always glues to the duration of the business or company. Contrary to the business logo, color palette, or website design, a brand name crafted by a brand naming agency must be kept the same once selected and used.

At SpellBrand we have studied the art of creating brand names and have made impactful brand names for businesses worldwide. We understand what it takes to create a proper and pertinent brand name that sounds great and has a strong brand story anchor that helps it connect with its target audience.

Our Brand Naming Strategist Conversates With You To Understand Your Long-Term Brand Vision And Goals

One of our Brand Strategists will connect with you to understand where you are in your Brand Immersion Journey™ and what your brand naming process should look like.

Our Brand Naming Process Run Deep Discovery And Research

SpellBrand conducts deep and thorough research on the relevant business, product names and the industry in general, and then the naming experts in our agency brainstorm together to curate inventive, experimental, appealing and general yet evocative names for the brand. We try and keep the names unique.

Our Brand Naming Services Oversees A Trademark And Domain Name Search

For each brand name that SpellBrand comes up with, we conduct a preliminary trademark screening and ensure that a domain name is available to register.

Our Brand Naming Strategist  Gives A Proper Brand Name Presentation

Our startup brand naming strategist then presents you with a list of names (4-6), and creative ideas and discusses with you what the branding firm means and how the name relates to the brand and experience it will deliver. This is a good time to examine core values, business challenges, consumer products and identity.

Our Brand Naming Agency Gives 100% Copyrights To The Brand Name

At the end of the project, we will give you a certificate of ownership of the brand name. You will have 100% independent branding copyrights over the name.

Naming is hard and you don’t want to do it yourself. Let our branding agency help you find the perfect name for your startup!

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What is meant by a branding agency, and how SpellBrand, as a branding agency, will help your business grow?

What is included in the brand naming process of SpellBrand?

How to choose the right brand naming agency for your brand?

Choosing the right brand naming agency can be a daunting and equally critical task. Always look for branding agencies that have expertise in working with brands that are similar to yours.

Most importantly, look for agencies with higher success ratios and whose working strategies align with your business objectives and values.

Lastly, ensure transparency and that everything is communicated well throughout the branding process.

How does SpellBrand ensure that the brand names they suggest are not already trademarked?

How long does it typically take for SpellBrand to complete a brand naming project?

The timeline for completing a brand naming project with SpellBrand can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the level of customization required. Generally, it can take several weeks to complete a brand naming project, including research, ideation, refinement, and finalization stages.

However, SpellBrand also offers expedited options for clients who require a faster turnaround time.