Brand Name & Brand Identity For Luxury Travel

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New York, NY

Services Rendered
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Final Source Files
  • Brand Style Guide

We created an awesome brand name and a stunning brand identity for a luxury travel agency with global aspirations! We also secured a Fortune 500 domain name for the client!

Our brand naming experts at SpellBrand specialize in researching, brainstorming and coming up with brand names that are not only unique, short and catchy but also have a story and meaning that can be leveraged by our clients to build their brand stories.

luxurily brand name

Such is the case with this particular client for whom we created a seemingly simple brand name – Luxurily – which is an awesome brand name with deep meaning and story. Amazingly we also secured an awesome domain name – – which itself is worth a million dollars! Securing such a domain name in 2015 is quite a feat!

luxurily brand mark

Creating a brand mark is a tough and intricate process. For this client, we created a logo design that has multiple levels of meaning and significance. We created iconic elements representing the various core values of the brand and amalgamated them into a cohesive and stunning logo mark. The logo design is made up of an iconic map pin to represent travel, an iconic crown element to represent luxury, a beautiful crest element to signify the elite target audience of the brand, and a travel route to represent the destination.

luxurily brand mark

The result is a stunning logo design that exudes luxury, royalty and eliteness.

luxury brand logo design

Embossing and letter-pressing are excellent formats for luxury brand identities. Here you can see the logo looking stunning letter-pressed with gold leaf to create an extraordinary luxury look and feel.

luxury brand identity

This brand identity shows you how majestic and appealing the logo mark is. A brand identity must be simple enough to be used across different media and at the same time be complex enough to communicate a brand story. The relative positioning and sizes of the various elements should be adjusted to make the overall design aesthetic. Although the primary logo usage on official documents must be consistent it is ok to take creative liberty when it comes to merchandizing.