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Back in 1998, two friends, Mash and Ben, working in a large software firm in Florida, decided to start their own design company specializing in corporate identity development and branding. With humble beginnings and a 2 man work force SpellBrand was launched in the spring of 1998 in a small one room corner office in Sarasota.

Spellbrand grew rapidly in the first few years and by 2002, the brand was established and the decision was made to go online. SpellBrand.com was launched in March 2002 as an extension of Spellbrand and geared towards the small businesses that would appreciate quality work at affordable rates and would use the internet to get logo design services.

While Spellbrand Inc. excels as a brand agency with medium to large companies with decent brand budgets, SpellBrand continues to thrive as a high quality and affordable solution to the small business owners who want to work with true design professionals.

“After more than 15 years, today SpellBrand is one of the leading online logo design and website design companies.”

Today SpellBrand is one of the leading online logo design and functional website design companies with over 40 employees, offices in 4 cities around the world and a family of 1000s of satisfied logo design customers.

SpellBrand has some of the most talented designers in the industry with a combined design experience of over 60,000 hours. Most of our designers have been with us for 4 years or more and some had even moved from Florida to Ohio, when we decided to relocate our studio and then to New York where we are currently headquartered.

  • Mash Bonigala
    Mash Bonigala Founder & CEO

    Mash’s deep understanding of branding and 15 years experience translates to catchy and powerful brands and identities. Mash has worked with companies like Microsoft (Deep Dive Developer Labs), Walmart, The US Marshals, The US Army (D3B Unit), The Puerto Rican National Baseball Team and more, helping them with branding and identities.

    When not designing, writing code or running a business, Mash loves to travel and make short films.

  • Ben Sibler
    Ben Sibler Co-Founder & CFO

    Ben and Mash joined hands to start a small boutique design firm in Sarasota in the spring of 1998 and has been instrumental in the growth and development of the company since then. Ben’s grasp of business development and finance has enabled him to manage and regulate SpellBrands profitability and survival through the various recessions that have hit the US in the past.

    When not crunching numbers, Ben can be found scouring antique shops for one of a kind watches.

  • Eva Alsis
    Eva Alsis Project & Account Manager

    Eva is the nerve center of SpellBrand and other companies under our banner and handles everything from customer relations, project proposals and quotes, invoicing and billing, account setup and management, CMS support, domain and email support, agency and partner liaison and our social media management along with Mash.

    When not working at SpellBrand, Eva can be found exploring ancient ruins and taking awesome photos!

  • Steve Arnold
    Steve Arnold Creative Director

    A brilliant strategist and an excellent designer, Steve joined the design team at Spellbrand way back in 1999. Steve’s deep understanding of design principles and his love for branding translates into powerful and eye catching design identities. Steve has worked with companies from virtually every market sector and brings tremendous experience to the table.

    When not designing brands, Steve spends his time travelling and photography.

  • Bonnie Haden
    Bonnie Haden Digital Strategist

    Bonnie joined the Brand Design Team in 2005 and brings a lot of creativity and insight to the table as well as project management skills. Bonnie is the glue that holds Spellbrand and our clients together. She is lightning fast and is obsessively organized. Bonnie also takes care of all day to day administration of the company. Not sure what we would do with out her!

    When not managing projects, Bonnie loves to spend time with her family travelling around the world.

  • Mike Evans
    Mike Evans Brand Strategist

    Mike joined Spellbrand in 2004 and handles project scheduling, post production work flows & print coordination. Mike also helps manage all the web properties of Spellbrand and comes up with innovative ideas for marketing campaigns. Mike’s passion lies in understanding the challenges companies face and then bringing clarity to the creative process with his brilliant insight.

    When not managing projects, Mike can be seen taking long hikes.

  • Laurie Brown
    Laurie Brown Lead Designer

    With a degree in graphic arts and marketing, Laurie’s strength lies in designing solutions for the marketing challenges of our clients. She loves to create powerful marketing material that have a positive effect on the client’s bottom line. Working with clients closely, Laurie helps them fine tune their marketing campaigns with the right design solutions.

    When not designing, Laurie loves to visit antique book shops and hunt for rare books to add to her collection.

  • York Evans
    York Evans Lead Designer

    York joined Spellbrand in 2005 and his excellent Illustrator skills translate into stunning logos identities for our customers. York loves typography and the impact it has on how people perceive brands. He loves to create custom fonts for clients. He believes strongly that each piece of typography design should result in more brand clarity for our clients.

    When not designing, York loves to visit concerts and operas. And yes, they are brothers!

 Our Growth

In April 2012, we decided that it was time to refresh our brand. This cameSpellBrand Office Front Sign about due to the realization that we were targeting the wrong type of customer and competing with the wrong crowd. We decided to change our brand from being a logo design shop to a “Logo Design Agency”. We retained our brand icon – the humming bird, which represents speed, accuracy and creativity – all attributes that SpellBrand stands for. We also redesigned our website and our service offerings.

Going forward, SpellBrand is going to shift it’s focus from taking on all kinds of work to being more selective in terms of projects we work on. We want to create designs and brands for companies that truly understand the power and significance of great design and how it effects a company’s bottom-line. We are also going to be shifting operations from Cleveland, OH to New York by October 2012 (Read about why we moved). The move would reinforce our brand and enable us to be even better at what we do.

If you are looking for a US based logo and web design company that offers high quality design at very affordable rates, then SpellBrand is the best bet for you. Give us a try to see the difference!


What is the bird in our logo?

Humming Bird Brand IconThe bird in our logo is a humming bird. The reason we chose the humming bird to represent us is because of the qualities and attributes that a humming bird possesses that closely aligns with how we see our brand. A humming bird is FAST, ACCURATE & CREATIVE – all attributes that describe SPELLBRAND perfectly.

A hummingbird’s flight is its most unusual behavior. Hummingbirds are the only types of birds that can sustain long term hovering, and they are acrobatic flyers that can also fly backwards and change direction almost instantly. We believe SPELLBRAND is company that has been sustaining itself through thick and thin and retaining it’s core brand values and ethos.

CrystalLinks describes humming birds as: “The Hummingbird is another symbol of regeneration or resurrection. Hummingbird is the creature that opens the heart. When the hurt that caused us to close our hearts gets a chance to heal, our hearts are free to open again. With hummingbird consciousness, we learn the truth of beauty. Our life becomes a wonderland of delights in flowers, aromas and tastes. We laugh and enjoy creation, we appreciate the magic of the present moment, and the magic of being alive.”

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Our Commitment To Design Professionalism

I hereby pledge my dedication to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and competence in design and development practice and promise to uphold the spirit and letter of the Code of Professional Conduct through consistent practice and habitual reflection on my actions. – Mash Bonigala (Founder & CEO)

  • SpellBrand was able to take my business idea and create a brand identity which was much better than what I had expected. They are very articulate and the logo they created is highly illustrative. We are very proud to have this new logo representing our agency.

    Scott C. Robertson
    Scott C. Robertson Fraud Investigator OHIO INTEL
  • This is my first project with SpellBrand and these guys definitely did exceeded my expectations, thank you. Very professional work and results. It’s worths it. Truly recommended.

    Hugo Santos
    Hugo Santos Web Fusion, Sao Paulo, 01318-001
  • I was looking for a simple logo to represent my new company but what I got was beyond my expectations.

    Derrick Lamers
    Derrick Lamers Lamers Creative
  • Brilliant! Very professional, great communication and fantastic logos! I was expecting to have to go back and forth trying to find the right logo design for my company, however, with 5 designers on the case, they hit the nail on the head first time. I absolutely LOVE my logo and would highly recommend SpellBrand to anyone looking to get one. Looking forward to the website part now.

    Vanessa Gustin-Macfarlane
    Vanessa Gustin-Macfarlane ibiosys Solutions Ltd, Weybridge, Surrey, UK
  • Exceptionally perceptive of the client’s wants and needs. SpellBrand were able to, intuitively, understand what kind of design and look I was going for. Wonderful team!

    Brittany Powers
    Brittany Powers Pepper
  • We are pleased with how quickly your team completed our new company logo. We were surprised that with only 4 revisions we had arrived at the finished logo. Great job! We will be happy to do business with your company in the future.
    54 South Beechwood Road, Niantic, CT 06357
    Tel: (860) 739-2377

    Matthew Bruns
    Matthew Bruns Safecor LLC
  • Thanks Mash for your hard work, the whole process was easier than expected with the Studio floor experience and your turn-around time between rounds was super fast! I would definitely use SpellBrand again in the future!

    Matt Esser
    Matt Esser Super Toid LLC
  • Great work guys!
    Very nice artwork with excellent turnaround time, plus your email updates are by far the most efficient of the 6 different logo shops we used on this project.
    Thanks again!
    Tel: 443 676 1061

    Jonathan Irwin
    Jonathan Irwin SendAScoop, 8210 Whitebark Ln, Severn, MD 21144