Brand Identity Service

Includes primary logo design,
secondary brand mark, brand pattern, matching stationery design and more.

Our Brand Identity Service is ideal for startups and entrepreneurs looking to launch their business with a complete brand identity system including a primary logo mark, a secondary mark, an official brand pattern and other identity system elements. Designed by award-winning designers, your brand identity system will elevate your brand to the Fortune 500 realm, create brand awareness and destroy your competition from the get go!

When one thinks of a branding, most people tend to think of the logo design. While a logo is one of the most important elements of a brand image, there are others that are as important and perhaps sometimes even more so.

An Identity System is a collection of elements which work togeather to create a unified, consistent and flexible brand assets that communicate the brand value to the target audience effectively.mash-bonigala-150-circle

What is included?

This package includes the following:

  • Creative Director leads your project
    • Direct phone access to your creative director
    • Over 70+ years of combined branding experience
  • Top Design Team assigned to your project
    • Award winning design team
    • At least 4 designers working on the project
  • 6/8/10 Initial logo design concepts* to choose from
    • presented beautifully with real world visualizations
    • presented with secondary and tertiary brand marks
    • presented with official brand patterns
    • presented with possible product concepts
  • Unlimited revisions/tweaks on the selected concept
  • 8 different final file formats of your new logo design
  • 100% ownership of the final logo design


  • Stunning Business Card design**
  • Versatile Corporate Letterhead design**
  • Catchy Envelope design**


  • Secondary Brand Mark/Icon which can be used in places where the primary logo would be an over-kill. Examples could include:
    • back of a business card
    • watermark on letterheads or envelopes
    • usage on t-shirts or uniforms
    • corporate stamps
  • Complimentary supporting icon could be used in situations such as
    • bullet points
    • menu icons
    • category icons and more
  • Official Brand Pattern that can be used for inside covers, backgrounds etc. Examples of pattern usage can be
    • inside lining of apparel
    • lining of leather bags
    • lining of product packaging
    • package external boxes
    • wall paper
    • office glass sticking
    • vehicle wraps and more
  • Potential product branding suggestions*** and examples could be things such as
    • leather wallets, watches etc
    • customer give aways such as cups, coasters, apparel
    • external store signs and labels
    • vehicle wraps
    • posters or other print materials


  • Beautiful Email Signature graphic
    • JPG graphic of your email signature
    • includes title, address and contact details
    • lightweight and beautiful


  • Brand Style Guide with logo specs and usage guidelines including
    • logo design specs
    • color palette and codes including PANTONE, HEX, RGB and CMYK
    • typography including primary and secondary fonts used
    • proper size of logo and space around logo
    • logo background usage
    • information about secondary icons, pattern etc

* Depends on the package you buy. See the image on the right for an example of an initial logo design concept taken from one of our client projects. This is the kind of quality you will get too!

** Design only. Printing not included but we provide you with printer-ready file formats.

*** Design suggestions only. This is not the same as a full-fledged product package design which is a separate service.

^ Charged separately. Please ask for pricing of the brand style guide.

How does it work?

After much research and brainstorming, our award-winning branding team will create different design directions and concepts and present them to you in beautiful branding presentations so you can see how the designs interact in the real world and help you envision how each design would help make the right impact.

Logo Design Phase

Identity System Phase

  • Along with the main logo design, we will brainstorm and create a secondary and even a tertiary icon that will compliment your primary brand mark
  • An official pattern will be created that can used in a variety of different scenarios to give your brand a “branded look and feel”.
  • We will also present potential product branding suggestions via a series of mockups*** so you can visualize and get inspired for your future product branding

Stationery Design Phase

  • Once the logo design is completed, we swiftly move onto the stationery design phase
  • We create beautiful matching business card, letterhead, and envelope design and show you the concept in a beautiful layout as you can see on the right-hand side image
  • You can ask for tweaks or changes to the design layout
  • Once you are happy with the final design, we create printer ready file formats in AI, EPS and PDF formats
  • You can download the final files and send them to your printer

Brand Manual Phase

  • Finally, we will create a brand style guide that will enumerate your logo design and identity specs including typography, color codes and so on
  • We also include usage guidelines including how to and how not to use your identity design

*** Design suggestions only. This is not the same as a full-fledged product package design which is a separate service.

Example of a design concept from a client project.

  • Brand Identity Service Options

  • $0.00
  • We present you with 6 to 10 initial logo design ideas and directions with brand mockups.
  • A revision round is when you ask for changes or tweaks on your selected design.
  • Identity elements will make your brand stand above the competition and enhance the perception of your target customers.
  • Create the right impression and build trust with your target audience with corporate identity.
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Award Winning Logo Designs

A powerful logo design which creates the right impact is the starting point of the visual language of a brand. A logo or brand mark that communicates the right message to the target audience take a brand a long way.

At SpellBrand, we have been creating Award Winning logo designs since 1998! With 1000s of logo design projects under our belt, you can be assured of a logo that is not only pleasing to the eye but one that talks to your target market and builds trust and authority that your brand deserves.

Strategic Brand Designs

The second important pillar of a successful brand – after brand strategy – is it’s brand identity and visual language. Once the positioning strategy has been nailed down and an awesome brand name has been selected, it is time to translate that unique differentiation into a visual identity that would serve as the anchor for the brand going forward.

At SpellBrand, we have been creating brand identities since 1998 and really excel at it. In fact, we breathe and live branding thoroughly understand the balance between aesthetics and strategic impact.

Winning Package Designs

The difference between products that stand out on the shelves and sell like crazy and those that no one cares about – besides being better products – is how their package design looks like.

At SpellBrand we work with companies that are serious about differentiating themselves in the market with superior looking package designs that appeal to buyers and help make huge conversions.

Stunning Print Designs

If you are looking to create the perfect brochure, flyer or other print design for you that creates the right impact and enhances your brand image rather than eroding it, then you have come to the right place.

At SpellBrand we work with our clients to understand the target audience and create the right kind of print design that will communicate the right message and enable your brand to build a relationship with your customers.

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