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An exceptional private wine label branding for a client who is rewriting the rules of the private (non-commercial) wine club market segment as part of a bigger brand development.

Spellbrand was tasked to create an overall brand strategy, visual language, brand identity, wine label design, packaging and more.

premium wine label branding

When our client approached us intending to rewrite the rules of the private wine club market segment, we knew our work was cut out for us. But we were excited to take on the challenge and help our client create a truly unique private wine label brand.

We started by researching the private wine club market, our client’s target audience, and their competitors. This research helped us create a brand strategy that made our client stand out.

Next, we created a visual language that fit our client’s brand personality and values. We created a color scheme, font, and pictures for all the marketing stuff, from the website to the wine labels.

We created a visual look for our brand. This included creating a complete brand identity and a slogan. The primary logo design was strong, clear, and easy to remember. The motto was short and expressed the brand’s spirit in a few words.

premium wine label branding a

Winemaking is an art. The brand needs to communicate the right message while looking great. The primary logo design, the secondary icon, patterns, label design, and package design all have to tell a story. The visual language should be customized and context-driven rather than simply having a standard set of visuals for all touch points!

We focused on designing the wine labels next. This was very important because customers see the labels every time they buy our client’s wine. We wanted to make amazing labels and give customers all the info they needed.

The final product was not only attractive but also practical. The wine labels had a sleek and modern design, with the brand name and logo clearly shown. We included details like the wine type, year, and alcohol content, all in a readable format.

We designed custom packaging for the wine bottles to ensure protection and consistency with the overall brand aesthetic. The boxes were sturdy and presentable, with a clean and modern look that complemented the label design.

We were delighted to help our client create a private wine label brand that stands out in the crowded market segment. All in all, it was an incredible experience working on this project.

We developed an overall brand strategy for our client’s private wine label using a framework to identify key opportunities and areas of differentiation in the wine market.

premium wine label branding

First, we conducted a thorough analysis of the wine market, including studying industry trends, identifying key players and their positioning, and understanding the needs and pain points of our client’s target audience.

From this research, we were able to identify a few key insights that informed our brand strategy:

  • Consumer demand for transparency in the wine-making process: Many want to know where their wine is from, who made it, and how it was made. They want to ensure the wine is good, comes from a sustainable source, and is produced responsibly.
  • Rising interest in unique, small-batch wines: People want exceptional wines made in small amounts that give a feeling of being amazing and real. They are happy to pay more for these wines that cannot be found in regular shops.
  • The need for personalized and curated wine experiences: Many people want a more customized wine experience. They want to find wines that fit their tastes and get expert advice.

Here is an example of using the secondary icon as a sign for a section of the vineyard. Rather than use the same primary logo here, a secondary logo/icon creates a powerful branding moment. Below, you can see how a different and emblematic version of the logo is used on signs, screens, etc.

premium wine label branding
premium wine label branding
premium wine label branding

Don’t be afraid to have a rich tapestry of visual symbols and icons for your wine label brand. Spend time, effort, and investment to create a complete system of brand identity elements. Do not settle for a logo design and wine labels that do not carry on the visual language and just look disjointed.

Based on these insights, we developed a brand strategy to position our client’s private wine label as a leader in transparency, uniqueness, and personalization within the wine market.

Our strategy included the following:

  • A focus on transparency: We focused on the sustainable and ethical practices used to make our client’s wines, which helped them stand out from other wine clubs and draw in customers who care about this when they buy.
  • A commitment to small-batch, unique wines: We got people interested in a special and real wine experience by finding and choosing a bunch of small-batch, excellent wines that are generally not sold in stores.
  • A personalized and curated approach: We made our client’s wine club stand out by giving members personal recommendations and advice. This helped us attract people who wanted a unique wine experience.
premium wine label branding
premium wine label branding

Our unique plan helped our clients earn money and make their wine club stand out in a crowded market. We focused on being transparent and unique and customizing our brand to make it appeal to people, setting our client up for success.

Data from the wine industry shows that people are becoming more aware of the effect their purchasing decisions have on the environment, and they’re willing to pay more for wines that are produced sustainably. Companies that can explain and provide sustainable wines will have an advantage over their competitors.

premium wine label branding
premium wine label branding

We assisted our client with their private wine label company by creating a brand strategy, a convincing pitch deck that showed the brand’s strategy and value, and a plan to attract investors.

We also helped them get the funding they needed. We made the pitch deck by working with our client to make financial predictions that showed the company’s growth and the money it can make. This included guessing how much money it would make, what it will cost, and how much it will make in the future. These predictions gave investors a good idea of the money they could get back if they invest.

Once the financials were done, we added them to the presentation, along with info on the company’s goal, market chance, competition, and other important facts. We also added a slide show about the brand plan, focusing on the special features and important knowledge of the market, how the client’s wine club will help meet the needs and problems of its target customers, and how the plan will help the company succeed.

premium wine label branding
premium wine label branding

We also helped our client develop a plan to get more investors. We found critical investors in the wine market and made custom pitches for each.

We also taught our client how to present the pitch in the best way. We helped our client build an online presence that would be attractive to investors. This included making a website that showed the brand strategy and value and giving advice on using social media and other online channels to reach investors.

We helped our clients secure funding for their wine label business and launch their special brand plan. The mix of a good brand plan, an attractive pitch deck, and a successful pitch approach helped to draw investors and get our client ready for future success.

It is important to remember that a pitch deck and strategy are only one part of fundraising. It is also essential to have a good business plan, financial projections, and an understanding of the market and competitors to show investors your potential growth.

premium wine label branding
premium wine label branding
premium wine label branding
premium wine label branding

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