wooden wine case with label

Premium Wine Label Branding

Art Direction

An exceptional private wine label branding for a client who is rewriting the rules of the private (non-commercial) wine club market segment as part of a bigger brand development. Spellbrand was tasked to create an overall brand strategy, visual language, brand identity, wine label design, packaging and more.

Premium Wine Label Branding

Winemaking is an art. The brand needs to communicate the right message while looking great. The primary logo design, the secondary icon, patterns, label design and package design all have to tell a story. The visual language should be customized and context driven rather than simply having a standard set of visuals for all touch points!

winery signboard

Here is an example of using the secondary icon as a sign for a section of the vineyard. Rather than use the same primary logo here, a secondary logo/icon creates a powerful branding moment. Below, you can see how a different and emblamatic version of the logo is used on signs, screens etc.

Don’t be afraid to have a rich tapestry of visual symbols and icons for your wine label brand. Spend time, effort and investment to create a complete system of brand identity elements. Do not settle for a logo design and wine labels that do not carry on the visual language and just look disjointed.

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