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What is an elegant logo?

Out of all types of effective logos, an elegant logo is the hardest to define. However, for the purpose of this post, we define an elegant logo as a logo design that takes the middle path in terms of design complexity, literal representation, layout, and typography.

Compared to the iconic logo or the abstract logo, an elegant logo design can work equally well for a wide range of market segments and industries. The reason is simple – elegance can be used effectively to appeal to the target audience subtly.

In this post, we look at a few examples of elegant logos that we created for clients at Spellbrand. We will discuss each logo example to see how elegance plays an important part in brand message communication.

elegant wine label branding

Premium Wine Label Branding by Spellbrand

Premium Wine Label Elegant Logo

Let’s start with a great example of an elegant logo design. For one of our clients, a premium wine label, we created an elegant logo and brand identity that not only sets the brand apart but also elevates it to the next level through sheer beauty, message and style.

We create a line art-based elegant logo of an owl that looks stunning and connects with the bird that is prevalent in and around our client’s vineyard. We stayed away from the usual trendy labels and identities that other competing vineyards had and chose to show elegance rather than trend since elegance is timeless.

Recommended for: brands that want to communicate elegance, luxury, upscale, premium, etc.

gun maker elegant logo

A 135 Year Old Gunmaker Brand by Spellbrand

Elegance to show heritage

In this example, we chose one of our clients, a 135-year-old gunmaker out of England, who wanted to refresh and rebrand themselves. We created a timeless and elegant primary logo and secondary icon that screams heritage and legacy but at the same time looks clean and modern.

The result is a logo identity that looks like no other in that industry and creates brand recall. Elegant logo style is a good way to connect heritage with the modern world.

Recommended for: for brands that have a heritage as part of their brand strategy and yet want to connect to the modern consumer – great for lifestyle, and fashion brands.

elegant preppy clothing logo

Preppy Clothing Brand Label Design by Spellbrand

Elegant iconic logo design elements

In this example, we look at a series of iconic elegant designs that we created for our client – a preppy clothing label brand. This brand showcases how a visual language can be used to create a larger-than-life brand identity that not only works as the identity of the brand but also can be extended to various touchpoints for marketing.

The primary logo is an elegant design of a deer and the supporting secondary icons and other designs are created from ornate elements that support the primary logo. The typography selected is also elegant and adds depth and value to the overall look and feel.

Recommended for: luxury clothing, fashion, lifestyle brands, and more.

elegant luxury abaya logo

Typography Theme Brand Logo by Spellbrand

Typography theme elegant style

In this example, for our client, an abaya design brand from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, we created an elegant logo from their Arabic name lettering. The design is in a calligraphy style and exudes elegance and premium-ness.

We will cover more typography logo examples in a separate post but here we talk about how the logo design informs the rest of the look and feel of the brand including their product photography, their website, and even their vehicle wrap branding.

Recommended for: clothing lines, fashion labels, lifestyle brands, logistics companies, and more.

swimwear elegant logo design

Luxury Swimwear Brand Logo by Spellbrand

Abstract elegant iconic design style

In this final example, we look at another of our clients – a luxury swimwear brand for whom we created an elegant logo design that actually breaks the norm of luxury and elegance.

We create an iconic design of the letter A from their brand name and crafted a geometric shape that is abstract and hints at what the brand stands for. The result is a visual identity that tears through the sea of competitor limp logos that try to be elegant but only end up being forgettable.

Recommended for: for brands that want to redefine how branding is perceived in their market segment, especially in the clothing and fashion industries.

These are just a few examples from our client portfolio. As we create more elegant logos for our clients, we will keep updating this page.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & CEO of SpellBrand. Since 1998, Mash has helped conscious brands differentiate themselves and AWAKEN through Brand Strategy and Brand Identity Design. Schedule a Brand Strategy Video Call with Mash.