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What is an emblem logo?

Out of all types of effective logos, an emblem logo is probably the easiest to define. Most of the popular brands out there seem to have either an iconic logo or an emblem logo. It would also seem that popular brands seem to avoid abstract logos although I would argue that it depends on the market segment.

For instance, the automotive industry seems to have emblematic logos that can also be considered iconic. Fashion brands seem to be minimalistic logos. Tech companies usually go for abstract logos and so on.

So what is an emblem logo?

An emblem logo can be defined as a logo mark that tells a story beyond just what the brand does or stands for and is typically enclosed in an outer design element such as a shield, circle, or other shapes.

An emblem logo is relatively simple in design. If it becomes complex, then it may be considered as a crest design which I cover in another article.

To further discuss what an emblem logo is, the types of emblem logos and how they can be used by brands to communicate their brand stories, we take a few examples of emblem logos that we at Spellbrand have created for our clients.

Let’s dive right in.

insurance company emblem logo

Brystra Insurance Services Logo Design by Spellbrand

The classic emblem logo design style

We start off with a great example of an emblem logo that we created for an insurance company design client of ours which embodies the classic emblem style. In this example, you can see the emblem nature of the logo that has two lions holding a shield with the letter B inside.

Many may be tempted to call this a crest logo style and I would not argue too much against that. This can be considered a crest style but technically speaking a crest is much more complex and hints at a different story.

For Brystra, being an insurance company, we wanted to tell the story of legacy, trust, and safety and this logo conveys these traits rather perfectly. The lions holding the shield indicate legacy and trust. The typography we custom-created brings grandeur and professionalism to the message.

rookie collection emblem style logo

Rookie Collection Apparel Branding by Spellbrand

Elegant crest based emblem design

For Rookie Collection, a New York-based high street apparel brand, we created an elegant logo that is in the emblem style. The design consists of a simple circular emblem design with an iconic eagle brand mark. When we created the brand strategy for this client, we came up with the core message of “Greatness within you” and we communicated this in the design.

This is a simpler version of the emblem design compared to the first example above. It looks more modern and works well for the fashion industry and the high streetwear sector.

urban landscapes photography branding

Unusual Landscapes Photography Logo Design by Spellbrand

Elegant iconic logo design elements

Next up is an unusual landscape photography logo design, an example of our client for whom we created a unique and yet personable emblem design that instantly stands out and makes them unique amongst other landscape photographers.

The design is fairly simple with the outline shape of an old-fashioned lamp from the Victorian era. Inside this shape are the letters M, J, and S which are the initials of the photographer, Mathew James Smith!

MJS wanted to hint at the old English culture in London at the turn of the century and an emblem that can be used as a watermark on his photographs. The result is this awesome emblem.

luxurily brand mark

Luxury Travel Brand Logo by Spellbrand

Iconic design emblem style

This example of one of our clients, a luxury travel logo design, is perfect to illustrate the iconic emblem design style. It brings together the awesome benefits of an iconic logo and the storytelling of the emblem style.

For this client, we created a full brand strategy and the brand name. We then crafted the logo from the following elements:

  • A map pin to indicate travel
  • A crown to hint at luxury and royalty
  • A wreath to support the elite nature of the brand
  • And a dot on a line to indicate the travel route and destination

The whole story of the brand is told simply, elegantly, and beautifully in this emblematic logo!

jewelry brand identity

Hand Made Jewelry Logo Design by Spellbrand

Intricate emblem design style

In this final example, we look at a handmade jewelry logo design that we created for one of our clients, Robert Pallazollo. This is a great example of an intricate emblem design style that is based on the base framework of line-art.

In this logo, you see the outer circle enclosing the design elements, a couple of concentric circles, a ribbon indicating when the brand was established, and the monogram – RP that stands for the brand name. There are other smaller lines that add depth and intricacy to the design to reflect the nature of the intricate handmade jewelry that they make.

Here are a few more examples of emblem style logos that we created for our clients:


These are just a few examples from our client portfolio. As we create more emblematic logos for our clients, we will keep updating this page.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & CEO of SpellBrand. Since 1998, Mash has helped conscious brands differentiate themselves and AWAKEN through Brand Strategy and Brand Identity Design. Schedule a Brand Strategy Video Call with Mash.