Exotic American Bull Dog Brand

OCB procures Exotic American Bullies to upscale clients all over the world.

Projects Details: 

Upscale Pet Company Branding

Services: Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Branding, Art Direction, Photography Direction, Secondary Brand Mark and Icon Development, Custom Icon Set

Location: Orlando, Florida


There are thousands of kennels throughout the world in the American Bull Dog breeding and servicing industry trying to provide the similar products to what OCB is launching. However most do not even incorporate, lack quality websites, lack customer service, and have outdated bitmap images for their branding. OCB is trying to target an upscale market that demands great customer service and appreciates the details involved in the transaction.

OCB is trying to cater to upscale clients. Their dogs are considered a luxury and status symbol. The branding needed to reflect that.

Stunning Brand Identity Design

Since the whole brand strategy was based on the upscale positioning, the brand identity needed to look and feel premium and luxurious while still retaining a sense of rawness. The identity had to connect with pet lovers while still letting the audience know that it is a premium brand.

Branding Application

We created the stunning logo design with a stylized line art mascot of an American Bull Dog surrounded by an elegant wreath and topped by a crown. The choice of fonts and the color all contribute to the luxury look and feel of the brand.

After the logo design was created, we then designed a secondary brand mark along with an official brand pattern and matching stationery design. We also designed a box design for providing their clients with a simple branded box containing the registration for the dog, Florida Health Certificate, and Sales Contract.

In addition, the box would also provide new owners with a leather dog collar with the logo etched and a complimentary sample of the dog’s current food of choice inside of a bag with the logo on it.