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Silverge Wines is a premium luxury wine brand offering limited production wines, champagnes and sakes by partnering with producers and having exclusive distribution agreements for their products.

We helped the client come up with an awesome brand name and then created a stunning visual identity including bottle label designs, custom hand illustrations and a custom wine icon set.

amazing wine label branding

Creating amazing wine labels is an artform and requires not only design skills but also a sense of culture, history and peoples tastes. Wine is at the root of culture and branding beautiful wine labels has been in focus from ancient times.

best wine label branding

The best wine label design has to look awesome not only in color but also in black and white. Here you see how this wine label appears to be black and white while also hinting at color.

wine bottle label design

Custom made wine bottle labels enhance the image of a winery and help sell more bottles. Today there are tons more wine brands in the market and competition is tough. To make a mark in the store and attract buerys, taste and terrior are not enough any more. Your wine logoo and wine label branding are ever more important.

wine logo design

Top Fun & Modern Wine Logos

Wine Logos – There was a time when wine was a stuffy beverage for people who would rather discuss sugar levels than enjoy their drink with good friends. However, these days are over. There are many new wine companies and wine label brands that are pushing wine as a young, modern, and fun part of life. Their logos and wine label branding are an essential part of this marketing effort. While we have written about winery logos before, the following ten deserve an entry of their own for being part of the new wine brand.

As you can see, wine logos don’t have to be stuffy or traditional to be attractive and relevant to their fields. If you think a modern logo design such as this might be right for your company, talk to a professional logo designer today.

* Unless otherwise stated all copyrights to the top 10 logos shown above belong to their respective owners. SpellBrand has not designed any of these designs unless explicitly mentioned in the review itself.
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