Premium Wine & Deli Branding

premium wine and deli brand
wine bottle label design
wine bottle design
premium wine label design
photo showing person pouring wine into glasses and cheese
photo of mystic wine branding on bottle with bread and cheese
photo of mystic wine branding on bottle with bread and cheese platter
premium wine shop sign

Mystic Wines & Spirits is a Miami based gourmet wine and deli serving an upscale community who cherish the fine things in life such as packaged cheeses, gourmet meats, fine cigars, fine wine and more.

The cliented a premium looking brand identity and logo design to communicate the premium perception of the brand and to connect with the elite target audience. They came to Spellbrand to help communicate the message visually. The talented team at Spellbrand created a stunning logo design that looks premium and creates awesome brand recall.

The logo design is an emblem with a shield made up of half a bottle and half a wine glass in a clever way utilizing the negative space design technique. The shield is flanked on both sides by wine leaves. Below the icon are the words Mystic Wine & Spirits. This whole design is enclosed by an outer design to create an emblem.

As you can see above the design plays nicely on wine packaging as well as wine labels. We have designed several wine labels in the past and you can see another excellent example here and here.

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