Jeddah Luxury Apartment Branding & Website

lamina branding
Lamina Appartments

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Brand Naming
  • Website Design
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Strategically situated on the Corniche in Jeddah, LM is a 29-floor residential tower of luxury apartments, the likes of which Jeddah has never seen before.

An audacious project to build and launch an uber-luxury residential apartment tower right in the heart of Jeddah needed an equally impressive brand strategy, branding, and website.

SpellBrand created a fantastic strategy leading to a stunning visual identity and website design. We also created a unique and innovative pre-sales giveaway booklet along with a stunning package design. The brand vision is consistent across all design assets culminating in an identity that matches the stature of the building project.

Stunning Website Design

The luxury residential apartment tower brand website reflects the brand strategy and visual language that matches the awesomeness of the tower and what it represents.

lamina web
lamina web

Pre-sales Giveaway

The client wanted to give away something special to their prospective clients. Something unique and not just the boring traditional brochure.

The creative team at SpellBrand came up with this awesome-looking unique pre-sales brochure giveaway with loose sheets packed with glorious photos of the awesome Tower!

lamina pre sales
lamina pre sales
lamina pre sales

Brand Application

The beautiful logo design was extended into various brand identity elements including matching stationery design, signs, official brand pattern, embossed folder covers, mobile app icon, and more.

lamina branding a