Investment Management Brand Identity

Strategy - Identity - Branding

Meraz Investments provides  principal safety, stable cash returns, increasing cash returns, growing equity, opportunity to accelerate for private investors. They provide a much better investment and alternative returns than stocks, bonds, REITS.

Investment Management Brand Identity

Meraz’s mission is to significantly increase investors cash flow and help invest in quality and certainty by providing a proven inflation resistant investment in fractional apartment building ownership that can generate stable cash yield and increase equity over the long term. The client wanted a brand that is Luxurious, Vibrant, Eye Catch, Trustworthy, Competent, Professional.

Targeting Accredited Investors (1 million networth or 250k annual income), this client needed a brand mark that screamed trust and elegance.

We worked with the client to identify their value proposition and helped create a brand story that connected with their target market. Positioning an investment company effectively is quite a challenge. To achieve this it takes a combination of great brand strategy and a stunning visual language to communicate the right brand message.

We also created social media profiles, unique icons, email signatures and more to create a consistent look and feel for this brand.

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