Maldives Resort Brand Development

Brennia Resort




Services Rendered
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Brand Name
  • Icon Design
  • Final Source Files
  • Brand Style Guide

The client came to us when they were building an awesome resort on the island Of Kotfaru.

The client wanted a positioning and brand strategy that would set their new resort apart and stand out amongst the noise of the other 90+ resorts. We came up with a winning strategy that not only sets them apart but also creates a brand story that enables the client to market the resort effectively.

maldives resort branding logo design
maldives resort brand identity scene
maldives resort branding room tags design
maldives resort brand identity scene
maldives resort branding flag design
maldives resort branding iphone case design
maldives resort branding gift box design
maldives resort branding billboard design
maldives resort branding gift design
maldives resort branding business card design
maldives resort branding ipad design
maldives resort branding tshirt design
maldives resort branding icons design

There are over 90+ resorts in The Maldives and many more being planned. The Maldives is a beautiful holiday destination that looks like paradise on Earth. It is a fairly expensive destination and till a couple of years back, it was out of reach of most people. However, the Minister Of Tourism of Maldives has been aggressively promoting the Maldives and a lot more people are visiting the islands.

As part of the brand strategy process, we also came up with an awesome new brand name – Brennia, which is derived from a Welsh word that means “king” or “regal”. We felt it aptly communicates the core message of the guests being kinds and queens on a quest.

We then created a stunning logo design and brand identity that included a beautiful color palette, typography, secondary brand mark, official brand pattern, a custom set of icons and more.

We designed and developed a stunning new website for the island resort to showcase the beauty of the Maldives Island Resort as well as the power of the brand. The result is a world-class brand identity that puts the rest of the Maldives islands resorts to shame!