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Nestled in the embrace of Raa Atoll’s cerulean waves, Brennia Kottefaru was envisioned as a sanctuary for the sovereign spirits—a place where each guest is royalty. The challenge? To sculpt a brand identity that would echo the regality and splendor of this untouched paradise.

The client wanted a positioning and brand strategy that would set their new resort apart and stand out amongst the noise of the other 90+ resorts. We came up with a winning strategy that not only sets them apart but also creates a brand story that enables the client to market the resort effectively.

maldives resort branding logo design
maldives resort brand identity scene

In a world where the ordinary is ubiquitous, there exists an oasis so pristine that it seems otherworldly. Brennia Kottefaru is that jewel in the Maldives, a super resort conceived not just to stand apart from the profusion of overwater bungalows but to redefine the very essence of island luxury.

This case study chronicles Spellbrand’s journey in forging a brand as enchanting as the isle itself.

maldives resort branding room tags design
maldives resort brand identity scene

A Strategy for Sovereignty

In a sea of sameness where over ninety resorts vie for attention, Brennia needed a brand strategy as distinctive as its vision. Spellbrand set sail on a strategic voyage, steering clear of clichés and charting a course toward a haven of uniqueness.

  • A Name for Nobility: ‘Brennia,’ inspired by a word of regal origins, was chosen as the moniker that would carry the weight of the brand’s promise—every guest’s regal journey begins here.
  • A Story of Sovereignty: The brand narrative was woven into every element, instilling a sense of majesty in the guests. Every moment on the island is a testament to their personal quest for discovery and indulgence.
maldives resort branding flag design
maldives resort branding iphone case design

The Royal Emblem

Spellbrand’s artisans, in their quest for visual excellence, crafted a logo that reflects Brennia’s ethos. The emblem, an intricate interplay of tradition and luxury, invites one into a realm where regality meets relaxation.

  • Symbol of Supremacy: The logo, a sophisticated and elegant emblem, encapsulates the resort’s luxury while subtly nodding to the Welsh origins of the name.
  • Regal Raiment: The color palette is drawn from the environs—the azure of the sky, the gold of the sun’s kiss on the water, and the lush greens of tropical bliss.
maldives resort branding gift box design
maldives resort branding billboard design

The Scepter of Services

From the infinity of the pools to the infinity of the ocean, every amenity at Brennia Kottefaru pledges a premium experience, reflecting the brand’s commitment to excellence in service and setting.

  • Amenities of Ascendancy: Each service at Brennia, whether the spa that beckons with rejuvenating promises or the culinary ventures that promise a feast for the senses, is branded to befit kings and queens.
  • The Iconography of Elegance: A custom set of icons designed to simplify luxury—each symbol a story, each line a legacy, guiding guests through the Brennia experience with clarity and beauty.
maldives resort branding gift design
maldives resort branding business card design

The Throne of Digital Dominion

In the digital realm, the Brennia brand needed to shine as brightly as it does under the Maldivian sun. The website, a digital doorway to paradise, was crafted to enrapture and inform.

  • A Portal of Prestige: The website mirrors the resort’s promise, a collage of stunning visuals and immersive content, inviting the world to witness the Brennia Kottefaru phenomenon.
  • The Sovereign’s Scroll: Online narratives tell of the island’s allure, the unique experiences awaiting, and the seamless journey from arrival to ascension into luxury.
maldives resort branding ipad design
maldives resort branding tshirt design

The Coronation of the Brand

As the resort took shape, each touchpoint, from the brand pattern that graced the materials to the typography that danced across communications, was a coronation of the brand’s identity.

  • Patterns of Power: The brand pattern, found on everything from pillowcases to poolside umbrellas, is a tapestry that ties the physical experience to the brand’s story.
  • Typography of Tradition: The chosen typefaces exude elegance and fluidity, mirroring the seamless experience that Brennia promises its noble guests.
maldives resort branding icons design

The Regalia of Recognition

Brennia Kottefaru, now a bastion of splendor in the seascape of Maldives resorts, stands unmatched in its grandeur. Spellbrand’s magnum opus in branding has rendered a resort that doesn’t just invite guests—it beguiles them, entwines them in its enchanting narrative, and crowns them monarchs of their tropical domain.

A Legacy Unleashed

Today, Brennia Kottefaru is not merely a destination; it’s a dynasty in the making. It’s where the legacy of a 135-year-old company was reborn through Spellbrand’s branding wizardry. A testament to the transformative power of storytelling, brand strategy, and