Crafted Elegance: The Artisan Kettle Brand Evolution

Artisan Kettle

Madison, WI

Services Rendered
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Icon Design
  • Final Source Files
  • Brand Style Guide

Artisan Kettle is passionate about providing the world with great-tasting chocolate that is both organic and Fair Trade Certified.

They craft and produce their own chocolate in order to provide an exceptional product. Currently, they offer Artisan Kettle in the baking aisle and have eleven different items. Soon, they will also be entering the fine organic chocolate bar category. In the future, they may enter the organic candy category.

artisan kettle branding
artisan kettle branding

The client wanted to help rebrand Artisan Kettle with a brand strategy that elevates the brand and takes it to the next level, along with messaging that inspires a whole new set of audience.

Former Kraft exec launches Artisan Kettle organic chocolate chips

Artisan Kettle, an organic baking chocolate line created by former Kraft Foods’ brand manager Beth Goeddel, is rolling out across the US market.

artisan kettle branding

Brand Strategy for Artisan:

As with everything we do at Spellbrand, the brand strategy is at the core of the brand’s essence and dictates success or failure. For Artisan Kettle, we created a brand strategy that positions them as the connoisseur’s retreat in the realm of chocolate—a bold stand against the commoditization of chocolate and an embrace of the craft at its most authentic and ethically grounded.

It’s not merely positioned; it’s planted firmly at the intersection of indulgence and ethics, offering a gourmet experience that’s guilt-free and grounded in responsible practices.

  • Niche Identification
    • They zero in on eco-conscious foodies prioritizing organic ingredients and culinary aficionados looking for the highest-quality baking ingredients.
    • Partnering with influential chefs and bakers who echo the brand’s commitment to quality and sustainability.
    • Using targeted social ads to reach audiences who shop at premium grocers and are members of ethical eating and sustainability groups.
  • Unique Value Proposition (UVP)
    • “Indulge with Integrity” is not just a tagline; it’s our promise. This promise is communicated through every touchpoint – from the first click online to the unboxing experience.
    • Developing interactive content that showcases the UVP through customer testimonials and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the sourcing process.
  • Brand Messaging
    • Every message Artisan Kettle puts out is a commitment to transparency. “Exceptional taste, ethical origins” will be more than words—it’ll be a guarantee.
    • Developing a series of hard-hitting, no-nonsense video campaigns that show the journey from cocoa farm to finished product, with real stories of the farmers and artisans behind the scenes.
  • Visual Identity
    • The logo design for Artisan Kettle is minimal yet bold, signifying that this brand doesn’t need to shout to be heard.
    • The secondary brand mark is embossed on chocolate bars, etched into the packaging, and featured in promotional material, creating a sophisticated and memorable brand icon.
  • Packaging Strategy
    • Each package tells a story, with snippets about the product’s origin and the farmers’ community, making each purchase personal and impactful.
    • Introducing limited edition packaging that aligns with special causes or events, enhancing the products’ collectibility and giftability.
  • Content Marketing
    • Launching a blog with deep dives into the impact of Fair Trade practices, chocolate recipes, and the benefits of organic foods.
    • Creating a documentary series focused on sourcing and producing chocolate, emphasizing the human stories and environmental benefits behind Artisan Kettle’s products.
  • Digital Presence
    • Their website isn’t just a storefront; it’s a portal to the Artisan Kettle world, with immersive experiences like virtual farm tours and live Q&As with chocolatiers.
    • Implementing an AR experience that brings the story of Artisan Kettle to life, allowing customers to see the origin of their chocolate bar when they scan the packaging.
  • Customer Experience
    • Initiating a loyalty program that rewards purchases and engagement with the brand’s sustainable practices.
    • Offering personalized subscription boxes tailored to taste preferences and delivery schedules, making every unboxing an anticipated event.
  • Community Building
    • To foster a strong brand community, hosting virtual and in-person events, such as chocolate tastings and workshops on sustainable eating.
    • Launching a brand ambassador program, recruiting their most passionate customers to spread the word in their communities and online.
  • Market Penetration
    • Release a signature series in collaboration with top pastry chefs to create limited-edition flavors, thus making a splash in the fine organic chocolate bar category.
    • Teaser campaigns, pop-up experiences, and sample giveaways create buzz and anticipation.
artisan kettle branding

The combination of opposite fonts in terms of their strength and weight creates an easily readable logo of all sizes. When your logo design has to go on to packaging and other touchpoints where the logo would have to have scaled-down, it would help to differentiate the various text elements through the use of effective fonts that contrast and complement each other.

The typography that we created aligns perfectly with the package design of chocolate chips and other products that the client already had on the shelves. The elegance of the brand becomes apparent with the new typography and the delicate yet powerful iconic treatment.

artisan kettle branding

The business card uses both the primary logo design as well as the secondary icon to create perfect brand recall. The use of the accent color to make the business card bold and eye-catching is strategic and works well at events, on the counters in supermarkets, and as insets with packaging.

The secondary icon is very elegant and works well as a stamp of authority that can be used on the packaging, marketing collateral, merchandise, apparel, and more. We can’t stress enough the power of a secondary brand mark and how you can use it to elevate the brand to the next level.

Brand Identity & Visual Language

The visual identity of Artisan Kettle speaks with a voice that’s both grounded and graceful. With its clean, contemporary typeface, the logo design conveys simplicity and sophistication—a nod to the modern consumer who values transparency and quality. The iconic treatment is subtle yet impactful, symbolizing Artisan Kettle’s commitment to craftsmanship and quality. It stands as a stamp of excellence on every product.

The chosen font balances strength and delicacy, ensuring legibility across sizes, an essential factor in branding across various media. It’s not just about being seen; it’s about being recognized and remembered. The typeface’s elegance corresponds with the chocolate’s quality—fine, crafted, and exceptional.

The secondary brand mark complements the primary logo by acting as a quality seal, guaranteeing authenticity. It’s an emblem of trust that can adorn everything from packaging to promotional materials, signaling to consumers that this is a brand of high standards.

The color palette is rich yet restrained, featuring deep chocolate tones accented with vibrant colors that hint at the chocolate’s origins and the richness of flavors. This combination doesn’t shout from the shelves; it invites the consumer into a narrative of taste and quality.

The visual language of Artisan Kettle is an open conversation with the customer. It speaks in a confident, clear tone that communicates the brand’s core values—organic, Fair Trade, and crafted with care. It’s a visual identity that doesn’t just stand out in the premium chocolate sector; it stands for something—a symbol of indulgence with integrity.

artisan kettle website design scaled

Why the positioning?

  • The Taste-Audience Fit: Premium consumers want more than taste; they want the story, the ethics, and the experience. We give them an adventure in every bite—a journey from South American farms to their discerning palates. It’s a taste of the exotic, accessible at their nearest high-end grocer.
  • The Ethical Edge: Artisan Kettle isn’t just selling chocolate; it’s selling principles. Fair Trade isn’t a badge; it’s our business model. We tell the story of every farmer, every field, and every fair practice that goes into making a bar of Artisan Kettle chocolate.
  • The Exclusivity Effect: Our chocolate isn’t for everyone, and that’s by design. It’s for the mindful, the thoughtful, the ones who pause to savor. Our marketing reflects that exclusivity—limited batch releases, member-only tasting events, and packaging that’s more artifact than wrapper.
  • The Environmental Elegance: We make green look good. Artisan Kettle’s sustainability isn’t just a commitment; it’s a canvas. We use eco-friendly packaging that customers proudly display—bold design meets biodegradability.
  • The Connector Concept: Chocolate is a conversation starter, a connector. Artisan Kettle isn’t just a part of that conversation; we’re leading it. We build bridges between the growers and the gourmet, the soil and the shelf, the roots, and the recipes.

Pushing the envelope means taking a stance and sticking to it unapologetically. Artisan Kettle doesn’t whisper its values—it declares them with the confidence of a brand that knows its worth and the worth of the ethical and taste standards it upholds. It’s a beacon for the future of indulgence, a paradigm shift wrapped in foil.

And that’s why Artisan Kettle isn’t just positioned; it’s poised to redefine what it means to enjoy chocolate consciously.