Organic Chocolate Brand Identity

Artisan Kettle ( is passionate about providing the world with great tasting chocolate that is both organic and Fair Trade Certified. They craft and produce their own chocolate in order to provide an exceptional product. Currently, they offer Artisan Kettle in the baking aisle and have eleven different items. Soon, they will also be entering the fine organic chocolate bar category. In the future they may enter the organic candy category.

sign with organic chocolate brand icon

The client wanted help with rebranding an already successful brand with a simplified primary logo and a supporting secondary brand mark. The team set about refining and finetuning the typography of the logo while developing a new icon that works well as a secondary brand mark

organic chocolate chips package design

The typography that we created aligns perfectly with the package design of chocolate chips and other products that the client already had on the shelves. The elegance of the brand become apparent with the new typography and the delicate yet powerful iconic treatment.

organic chocolate bars design

The combination of opposite fonts in terms of their strength and weight creates an easily readable logo at all sizes. When your logo design has to go on to packaging and other touch points where the logo would have to have scaled down, it would help to differentiate the various text elements through the use of effective fonts that contrast and compliment each other.

organic chocolate secondary brand icon

The secondary icon is very elegant and works well as a stamp of authority that can be used on packaging, marketing collateral, merchandise, apparel and more. We can’t stress enough the power of a secondary brand mark and how you can use it to elevate the brand to the next level.

organic chocolate business card

The business card uses both the primary logo design as well as the secondary icon to create perfect brand recall. The use of the accent color to make the business card bold and eye catching is strategic and works well at events, on the counters in supermarkets and as insets with packaging.

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