Choral Music Brand Identity

Choral Music Brand Identity

“Charlie and Carrie believe that vocal music has the power to heal, inspire, entertain, and connect people all over the world. No matter your background, religion, nationality, beliefs, or level of talent, the world needs your voice.” – Charlie + Carrie

Kinnison’s main product is choral rehearsal tracks, which are digital audio files of a piece of music that allow choir members to rehearse their harmony parts in the comfort of their own home.

The tracks let them hear the other parts sounding while they sing theirs, so they can still hear the “choir” while they are rehearsing, even at home.

  • Mash and his team at Spellbrand Inc. have exceeded our company's expectations for our rebranding project. They are true craftsmen at what they do - spending time to research the smallest of details of our brand so that the brand story is creative and abstract but also cohesive and connected. We are beyond confident with our new brand and we cannot thank Mash and his team enough. Bravo! Highly recommended!

    Charlie Kinnison
    Charlie Kinnison Kinnison Choral Co.

Kinnison is a husband + wife team and works together to create choral rehearsal tracks for all types of choirs and genres of music. With each piece of music, they pay attention to all music markings and detail to deliver the appropriate vocal style. They have the same choral music foundation and believe that their synergy as a husband + wife team enhances the product.

The project will undergo an exterior renovation, as well as interior renovation with the potential of upgraded amenities. When strategizing this project, we emphasised on the vibe that would feel like a modern-coffee house and lodge, which would be attractive to the diverse demographics in the Bloomington, IN area.

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