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London, UK

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This client went on to launch Manuscript Entertainment Group to discover the next big artists and secure distribution deals from major record labels.

The client always had a passion for music so she decided to pick a career that involved music. She was interested in how the music business worked so enrolled into Fullsail University to obtain her BA of Science in Music Business.

manuscript entertainment logo design

The brief was to create an iconic logo design and brand identity that would create a brand recall that connects with the music and entertainment world and bring home the glitz and glamour. The design needed to be powerful and yet simple enough to brand well.

The talented team at SpellBrand created an icon of a star with a quill integrated into it which combines the worlds of glamour and artistry and looks beautiful and stunning. The message behind the logo is one of talent, skill, expertise, glamour, entertainment, artists, and more.

manuscript entertainment logo design
manuscript entertainment logo design
manuscript entertainment logo design

The talent directory cover carries the same kind of branding as the outer box with a beautiful and clean layout with half of the quill icon peeking from the side. With bold typography and gold foil, the talent directory is a thing of beauty and creates the right kind of impact on the luxury-conscious target audience.

Inside the talent directory, the opening layout is bold and striking with the left page dominated by a cropped version of the brand mark. On the right-hand side of the spread is the dedication message. This theme and design style continues in the rest of the directory.