Film Production Company Logo Design

Film Production Company Logo Design
Film production logo on an iphone showing a movie poster
film production company logo on a t-shirt design
movie company logo design on a baseball cap
film production company business card design
film company sign design
hand holding film production company business cards
another t-shirt design with a film logo design
movie company business card design

Q2 Films is an innovative and cutting edge film production company based out of Los Angeles, California. The founder is a visionary with a slew of socio-economic short films and documentaries in the pipeline. Q2 would be producing feature length films in the next phase of brand development.

When the founder approached SpellBrand the requirement was very specific – to create a brand identity that would put Q2 Films on the map and to create an impact. The design had to be simple yet very powerful. That is a tricky challenge and it is hard to pull off. The design also had to look great in color, black and white as well as a watermark.

We wanted to make sure to avoid cliches that most film, movie and media companies use such as film spools, film camera outlines and so on. We wanted to take the brand identity to the next level and transcend the usual competitive landscape.

The result is an icon that looks stunning, simple and powerful. It is the letter Q and the number 2 but with a Zen brush stroke style. We felt that the whole philosophy and film ethos of the brand was Zen like and we wanted to bring that serene peace, simplicity and impact of that to the film production company logo design.

The colors are also very effective with a powerful dominant red color complimented by white and/or shade of gray. The secondary palette would be shades of Zen gray.

The brand identity then extends to the business cards that look powerful and strong. We recommended the client to pick the best card stock that they can and use embossing to make the cards really pop and make a statement.

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