Auroreo Apparel Logo Design & Branding

Client Details

Client: Auroreo Apparel

Location: London

Challenge: When Emma Abraham wanted to launch a cross-continental clothing brand, she came to SpellBrand to help her understand the competitive landscape, come up with a compelling brand story, establish a robust brand strategy and then bolster that with a stunning logo design and identity.

Services Provided

Logo Design, Branding, Label Design, Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy: Emma has been designing luxury rocker punk style clothing for a number of years in London and has been quite successful at that. She did not have a brand, other than her name and was doing business by word of mouth and her passion for the rock lifestyle. When demand exceeded supply she rented a warehouse and employed a couple of people and registered herself as a “self employed” business with the UK HMRC.

After a brief visit to New York and the interest that Emma saw for her designs and apparel, she decided to become serious about the business and launch it in New York with a bang. With some seed funding under her belt and a ton load of orders being processed, she decided to invest in a proper brand.

After our in-depth research into her brand and the target market she was aiming for, we came up with a positioning strategy that would ensure Emma competes in the luxury market segment and the urban street wear sector which is so saturated that gaining an entry into it would be a touch ask. We also then came up with a brand name that embodies what Emma and her brand stand for.

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