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Atomic Guns




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  • Brand Identity
  • Positioning Strategy
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  • Brand Style Guide

The Atomic Guns is an alternative rock music band based in Ukraine. Their music can be compared to Muse, Radiohead and Imagine Dragons.

The band’s high-tech modern rock music is mostly inspired by the music history, the way it’s evolved, modern music technology that helps produce high-quality sound.

Rock Music Band Logo Design
rock music band logo design
rock music band logo design
rock music band logo design

The brand wants to change the course of local music history by creating the style of music that’s never been produced in Ukraine before. The brand’s primary goals are to become the most popular music band among the target audience and to be the originators of a new music style that people would follow.

The client wanted us to create a loo design and brand identity that were different from the regular rock brand logos. They wanted to showcase some of their core values which included: Uncompromising attitude to do whatever it takes to make good music, Modernity, Slight insanity, Precision & Eurhythmy, Uniqueness/Originality, Not to play just for money, Not to perform / participate in TV shows.

To create a completely different identity while still communicating the idea of music and band is quite a challenging task so during our strategy session, we decided to focus on abstractness rather than trying to find literal visual imagery. The end result is an iconic logo that not only is simple but highly effective.

The client was thrilled with how the primary logo mark could be used as a secondary brand mark very easily and very effectively. As you can see above, the icon looks awesome on the baseball cap as well as the t-shirt. We also created a poster for the client to showcase the way the logo can be used.