Fusion Fresh: Crafting a Culinary Oasis in Convenience Culture


Westlake, Florida

Services Rendered
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Icon Design
  • Final Source Files
  • Brand Style Guide

A new 7-Eleven store, gas station, and Fusion Fresh restaurant at 4670 Seminole Pratt Whitney Road in Westlake. Developed and operated by the Chaudhary Petroleum Group.

When CPG wanted to create a new concept restaurant extension of their 7-Eleven franchise, they came to Spellbrand to create a fresh and punchy branding to create the right impact and draw their customers in to try their fusion-inspired dishes and hospitality.

eleven concept restaurant branding
fusion restaurant business cards

The client is a massive developer with an impressive portfolio of properties and franchises in Florida. When they decided to extend one of their 7-Eleven franchises and add an innovative fusion restaurant to serve their customers better, they wanted a brand identity that connects their existing customer base with the new concept as well as draw a new generation of new customers.

fusion restaurant apron design
fusion restaurant coffee cup design

Fusion Fresh embodies the revolutionary concept of transforming quick-service dining into a vibrant, health-centric experience. This case study explores how Spellbrand masterminded a brand and positioning strategy that resonated with 7-Eleven’s bustling clientele and carved out a distinct identity for Fusion Fresh in the competitive, fast-casual landscape.

Brand and Positioning Strategy:

The challenge was clear: integrate the convenience of 7-Eleven with the freshness and innovation of Fusion Fresh’s culinary offerings. The goal was to make healthy, gourmet food accessible without compromising the quick-service promise.

  • Positioning as a Health Haven: Set within the high-traffic 7-Eleven in Westlake, Fusion Fresh was positioned as an oasis of well-being, offering a reprieve from the typical fast-food options. It’s where health meets haste, and taste buds are treated to a nutritious feast.
  • Target Audience Mapping: The brand targets on-the-go customers who value nutritional quality as much as convenience—busy professionals, health-conscious individuals, and families seeking quick yet wholesome meals.
  • Brand Messaging: “Savor the Speed.” Fusion Fresh communicates that speed doesn’t mean sacrificing quality or taste. It’s a message of blending efficiency with nutrition and gourmet flavors.
fusion restaurant secondary icon design

Headed by our chief brand strategist, the experienced teams at Spellbrand created a positioning strategy that translated into a stunning, punchy, and impactful visual identity with bright colors with warm and friendly design elements. The primary logo is simple and elegant that hides an abstract dish.

fusion restaurant business card design
fusion restaurant advertising design

Visual Identity and Brand Experience:

Spellbrand’s creative vision for Fusion Fresh translated into a vibrant visual language that captured the essence of the brand’s mission and menu.

  • Logo Design: The logo is an artistic interplay of simplicity and sophistication. An abstract representation of a dish in the logo cleverly captures the fusion theme, inviting curiosity and conversation.
  • Color Palette and Design Elements: Bright colors paired with warm tones evoke a sense of energy and freshness. The design elements are crafted to exude a friendly and welcoming vibe, essential for 7-Eleven’s communal culture.
  • Iconography: Custom icons for menu items convey the brand’s core offerings at a glance, optimizing the customer’s decision-making process and enhancing the visual feast.
fusion restaurant letterhead design
fusion restaurant tshirt design
fusion restaurant envelope design

In-Store and Outdoor Experience:

Fusion Fresh isn’t just another food counter; it’s an inviting space that extends the 7-Eleven experience to include a healthful, fast-casual encounter.

  • Storefront Integration: The branding seamlessly integrates into the 7-Eleven environment while standing out as a distinct entity, inviting customers to step into a world where convenience and health coalesce.
  • Outdoor Patio: The outdoor patio offers a cozy retreat designed to reflect the freshness and vibrancy of the menu. Customers can enjoy their meals in an airy, open setting.

Menu Design and Offerings:

The menu is a cornerstone of the brand, reflecting the fusion of flavors and focus on healthful ingredients.

  • Menu Diversity: From hearty breakfasts to gourmet bowls, the menu is a gastronomic journey encapsulated in a design that’s as enticing as the dishes.
  • Visual Menu Displays: High-impact imagery and crisp descriptions on digital menus and packaging make choosing a delight, not a decision.

Digital Engagement and Convenience:

In a digital-first world, Fusion Fresh adapts by offering seamless online ordering and catering services, highlighted through intuitive design and user experience.

  • Online Ordering: The website mirrors the brand’s energy, focusing on convenience, making it simple for customers to order their favorites for quick pickup.
  • Catering Made Customizable: Catering options are presented with the same vigor, emphasizing customization and variety to suit any event or preference.

With its robust brand identity and strategic positioning, Fusion Fresh emerges as a leader in the new wave of fast-casual dining. Its presence in malls and 7-Eleven stores nationwide is a testament to the brand’s resonance with an audience craving convenience without compromise. Spellbrand has cultivated a brand and a beacon for balanced eating in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Fusion Fresh is an emblem of this harmonious blend, inviting customers nationwide to “Savor the Speed.”