Protein Foods Bakery Branding

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Whey Crazy Bakery sells protein based snacks, powders, and drinks with sub-brands like Whey Crazy Cookie, Whey Crazy Donuts, and so on. With a beautiful tagline “Bite into the revolution”, the messaging of this brand is clear.

To empower the tagline and the mission statement of the brand, the talented brand identity team at SpellBrand embarked on a mission to create a strategy and identity system for the client that would result in a series of logos that morph for each of the sub-brands while keeping the iconic shape consistent.

Protein Foods Bakery Branding

So we started by creating a shell for the iconic logo design which encapsulates varying designs of donuts or cookies etc shapes. You can see the brand extension below which brings into play a cookie shape variation.

The solid bold colors also add to the empowerment of the mission statement to bring about a revolution in the protein foods industry.

Protein Foods Bakery Logo Design
Protein shakes logo design

Protein bar logo design

Next in the brand identity system was the official brand pattern which adds an additional level of depth to the brand visual language. The brand pattern is two pronged with straight lines and angled wavy lines on different background colors.

As you can see on two different brand treatments below, the pattern works like magic on the yellow and magenta backgrounds. The wavy pattern creates a lot of dynamic movement to brand posters and can be used effectively on advertisements.

Package design for this brand again capitalises on the beautiful brand pattern that we created and is supported by a secondary pattern element if polka dots. This makes the packaging more fun and friendly.

The usage of the corporate colors as well as complimentary secondary brand color palette makes for some visually stunning package designs.

The interior design of the bakery uses the secondary brand mark, the official brand pattern and supporting polka dot pattern to create a visually powerful backdrop. Sufficient care has to be taken to ensure that the colors are complimentary to other design elements of the interior including the menu cards, menu signs, window stickers, uniforms etc.

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