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Introducing Elegore – Rising To Luxury: premium Indian luxury fashion brand for whom we created an awesome brand name based on storytelling and positioning strategy, a stunning visual language in the form of an elegant and luxury logo design, secondary brad mark, an official brand pattern, package design and more.

Elegore was born out of inspiration to create luxury apparel in the Indian fashion industry for daily work life. The founders of elegise got their inspiration from nature. They wanted to be a premium fashion brand incorporated in India, and yet open for fashion-conscious consumers worldwide. Threads and needles are in their blood and they have a lot of ideas for their brand Elegore by Krypthm. The conception of Elegore began in 2016. The vision behind creating the brand was to provide customised and luxurious apparel for customers and help them stay with the trend.

The Challenge

When the founders of Elegore approached SpellBrand, they wanted the full brand treatment. That meant we had start with a positioning strategy that enabled the brand stand out from the competition, look and feel luxurious and be able to play on the international arena.

The founders were keen to launch their premium brand in the Indian market but quickly take it to the US and EU markets. This meant that the brand had to work locally but also make sense to an overseas audience.

Brand Name Development

After we created the positioning strategy, we came up with a number of brand name suggestions complete with etymology and brand stories. The secret to creating a brand name is make sure that it is imbibed with meaning.

Etymology: The founders fell in love with the name “Elegore” right off the bat. The etymology of the name is based on Latin word ex- (“out of, from”) combined with legō (“choose, select, appoint”).

Brand Story: A beautiful and elegant brand name that suggests the client’s customers chose the best from life and live life to the fullest. The brand supports this aspiration.

Name Semantics: Easy to pronounce, the word sounds like a regular word while being unique and brand-able. Strong, powerful, simple, unique and interesting.

Stunning Brand Identity

Once we nailed down the wonderful brand name, we swiftly moved on to the visual language of the brand starting with the primary brand mark – the logo design. The concept of “rising above the ordinary” or “rising to luxury” was taken as the base for the visual identity development.

After a lot of discovery, research and brainstorming, we created a whole bunch of creative directions from which the client chose the icon of the Pegasus which aptly represented the concept of rising or flying high above the ordinary.

Secondary Brand Mark

We then extended the primary brand with a complimentary secondary brand mark which could be used on signs, marketing material, digital assets such as apps, labels, and so on. Typically a second brand mark is effective when using the primary logo becomes overkill or would saturate the brand identity.

indian fashion brand secondary brand mark

Package Design & Official Branding

Continuing on with the visual language, we create an official brand pattern that shows its effectiveness on the package design, tag design and more. The key to a brand identity is consistent implementation of  brand elements with appropriate priority given to the primary design elements and supporting ones.

Stunning Website Design

To match the premium positioning of the Elegore brand, the client needed an elegant and high end website that wold cater to the right kind of target audience and deliver the right kind of impact.

So we set about designing a website that was based on the principles of simplicity, on brand and high conversion based. Using  the brand color palette judiciously and focusing on the beautiful model photos of products, the website looks simply gorgeous.

Vist Client Website

indian fashion brand website design

Model Photography

For their product and marketing photos, the client engaged super model Linnea Johansson who was Miss Global Sweden 2016, Miss Scandinavia at The Top Model Of The World, Germany, Miss Nazareth and darlings of the Press at Miss Global 2016,Phillipines, and Walked The Red Carpet at Cannes Film Festival In May 2017, On Behalf of Sweden.

The result is a stunning set of product photos that are world class and put the brand on the world stage.

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