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Brand Building Services

We can help you differentiate your brand through strategy and storytelling.

At SpellBrand, we work with our clients to help them identify and implement a brand strategy that would differentiate their brand from the competition.

We dig deep, research, brainstorm and then come up with a positioning and brand strategy that sets down a path to stand out in the marketplace and achieve business goals set down.

Differentiation is the key. If you do not differentiate your brand and stand out amongst your competition, your brand would wither and die!

brand value proposition

Competitive Positioning Strategy

Are you struggling to differentiate your brand and identifying how you stand out in a crowded or noisy market?

We can help you make a mark on the competitive landscape and focus your energies on delivering on that strategy.

Brand Strategy

We can help you create a brand strategy which includes a promise you make to your target audience (prospects and customers), the experience they have with your company, the personality that is perceived and the messages you convey.

brand positioning
positioning strategy

Pricing Strategy

Pricing is one of the most critical elements of any successful business or venture. It is very complicated and often confusing. Getting it wrong would mean a huge opportunity cost leading to unprofitability. We can help you come up with the right pricing strategy.

Messaging Strategy

Good messages take your competitive positioning and brand strategy to the next level. They hone in on what’s important to your market and communicate it consistently and effectively. We can help create the right messaging which has a tremendous impact on how your brand is perceived by your target audience.

messaging strategy

Everything we do at Spellbrand is steeped in strategy and the fundamentals of brand building. In fact, we were one of the first branding agencies that focused on brand strategy as an immersive process. We created the brand immersion framework which takes the concept of inbound marketing to the next level. We wrote hundreds of articles on brand building and you can find a ton of useful guides in our brand building resources section.