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One-On-One Coaching Brand Strategy Call To Help You Figure Out The Direction Your Brand Needs To Take For Gaining Mind-Share & Market-Share.


“Book a live video call with our senior brand strategist who will advise you on the best way to position your brand for gaining mindshare.”

Now is a great time to go back to the roots of your brand and build it from the ground up. Or if you are launching a brand new brand, then start right with a proper brand strategy and position your brand for success.

The strategy video call takes place over Zoom and last about an hour. On the call, we talk about how to narrow your brand focus to pursue a bold vision, and determine the concrete next steps to take in order to gain mind-share.

What is included in the call:

  • An audit of your brand goals
  • Insights into the best positioning strategies
  • Strategies on how to differentiate your brand
  • A complete brand journey path
  • Concrete action items and plans

Cost: $1,850

Brand Vision

Brand Goals Audit

We start off with a discussion on what your brand goals are. This is not about sales and revenue or even growth goals but rather more fundamental than that. We discuss what your vision is for your brand and your expectations.

This would enable our brand strategist to analyze and offer some insights in terms of the best path to achieve those goals.

Brand Journey Path

Our chief brand strategist will conduct a live video workshop and take you on a complete brand journey path to show you what the different milestones are and how to put together the various pieces of the puzzle to build a blue ocean brand that leaves your competition in the dust.

Concrete Action Plan

Our strategist will give you a concrete action plan with tasks and items you can start implementing immediately to see tangible results in your brand messaging and marketing.

The final deliverable will be a PDF report of the insights, suggestions, and strategy framework that would have been discussed on the Zoom call.

Gain Mindshare

Positioning Strategies

Our chief brand strategist will offer insights into how best to position your brand in the minds of your target audience. These will be process suggestions only and not a full-fledged positioning strategy.

Knowing how the positioning is essential and some possible paths could be a game-changer for your brand.

Into The Blue Ocean

Differentiation Strategies

Our chief brand strategist will discuss how brand differentiation is significant and how we could potentially help you create a Blue Ocean differentiation strategy so that you move away from your competitors and possibly even create your category.

Please note that we would not be creating or discussing the actual strategy on this call since that requires weeks of work and live video workshops to go through the process.

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