Individual Expression Urban Clothing Line

Client Details

Client: Individual Expression Urban Clothing Line

Location: Seattle, WA

Challenge: Individual Expression is a urban clothing line for individual who want to express themselves through fashion. When an individual wears this clothing line they are stating “this is who I am – love it or hate it!”. Because you are what you wear! Individual expression design Pants, denim jeans, t-shirts, shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, shorts and more.To express this message, the client wanted a logo that was striking, powerful and larger than life. They were inspired by the biker culture and wanted a brand mark that hinted at that too. Having with worked with Spellbrand in the past, it was a most logical for them to approach us to help them with this new venture.

Services Provided

Logo Design, Branding, Label Design, Brand Identity, Brand Strategy

Brand Solution: Right off the bat, the creative team at SpellBrand decided to approach the design from two angles – the wild west and a biker jacket style. After some in-depth research and brand strategy sessions, we came up with a few different designs that focused more on the typography and treatment.The client chose this final design which almost looks like a tattoo. The design showcases the name “Individual Expression” in an old west font and is flanked on both sides by wings. There are also two stars on either side of the name representing two of the five partners who started this urban clothing line. Below the name is an ornament two leading diamonds on either side. The top of the logo has an abstract old west bull horns with 3 more stars representing the other 3 of the start up group.

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