It’s Time To Skyrocket Your Brand Awareness!

Skyrocket Your Brand Awareness

Why Brand Awareness?

You’re new in the business and just don’t know how to get in front of your audience? Or perhaps you have some time and experience behind your back but your goal is to become a memorable brand?

Don’t worry, we all want to get noticed and trust me when I say that it’s not so hard to succeed.

Yes, I understand that there are millions and millions of businesses in the world with the similar or same products/services as yours. I am aware that today’s competition is much bigger than it was a decade or two ago which leaves a lot more choices for customers. In other words, more work for you to find your place under the sun.

Don’t get discouraged! It’s possible to succeed and you will, for sure, get noticed by your audience just try to get to the end of this article.

The most important task for you is to grow awareness of your brand, especially if you want to see great results in 2019.

What will the growth of brand awareness mean to your business?

• your product/service will be noticed by more customers
• customers will give you feedback which can help you improve your product/service
• customers will recommend your product/service to a friend and you’ll grow your brand awareness even more
• and so on.

There are many ways you can accomplish this goal. I will show you 5 proven methods that will lead you to success and make your audience remember you.

webinar marketing

Host a Webinar

Webinars are a great way to accomplish numerous business goals. A webinar puts you in front of a new audience (you can invite as many as 5,000 people to a single webinar on some platforms), helps you build a list – and saves you time and cash.

How? Because a webinar is so much more inexpensive and draining on your resources than a live event … but its impact can be just as big.

A webinar is also a great way to boost brand awareness. And the best thing is that you can do this from the comfort of your own office – or even your own home! Webinars are personal, authentic, and they help you make a connection with your audience.


Webinars do work, but there are some statistics to be wary of. The average attendance rate tends to be below 50%, for example. As such, you need to make sure that you do everything you can to make your webinar a success.

Webinar Marketing Tips

  • Have a clear goal in mind. What do you want to achieve from your webinar? Do you want to use it to promote a new product, educate your audience, generate leads or sell some services?
  • Be useful. Whatever your goal is, your webinar needs to be useful to your audience. Otherwise, they won’t continue watching. Your audience needs to understand the value they’re getting out of this
  • Be visual. If your webinar is basically just you chatting to your audience for 60 minutes, you might struggle to keep people interested. Instead, it’s a better idea to use slides to convey information that will help your audience. Give them something useful to look at, but keep your slides concise, clear and visually appealing.
  • Engage, engage, engage! Don’t spend 60 minutes talking at your audience. Every few minutes, request some input, give them something to say in the chat. Interact with their comments, and show them that you’re listening to them and that you value their time.
  • Don’t make it too long. The best webinars run from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. If a webinar is too long, it’s going to put people off.
  • Choose the right software. Here is a resource for the best webinar platforms for 2019. Make sure you choose one that’s right for you.
Launch a Guest Blogging Campaign

Launch a Guest Blogging Campaign

Matt Cutts of Google famously said that guest blogging was “dead” five years ago. In 2019, it remains an awesome way for businesses to raise brand awareness.

In a nutshell, guest blogging is when you post an article on an authoritative website in your niche. There are two aims here:

  1. You will receive a high-quality link to your website, which will boost your SEO strategy
  2. You will put yourself in front of a wider audience and position yourself as an expert

For obvious reasons, reaching more people and positioning yourself as an expert in your field is a great way to boost brand awareness. If you’ve never launched a guest blogging campaign before, here’s what you need to do in a few steps.

Blogging Campaign Steps

  • Find relevant blogs in your niche. To do this, simply type in your main keyword followed by “guest post” into Google. In the results, you should see a number of possible guest blogging opportunities in your niche.
  • Qualify each blog. Using an SEO tool, enter the URL of a potential guest blogging opportunity. What you’re looking for are authoritative, high domain and high traffic websites in your niche. Always rule out low traffic, low domain websites and instead focus on those who have a large, related audience.
  • Come up with some topic ideas. This can be the tricky bit because, as a guest blogger, you’ll want to publish lots of new articles on various blogs. As such, you’ll need a lot of topic ideas. You can use a tool like BuzzSumo to find well-performing articles in your niche. Take a look at some of these articles and consider how you can improve on them, or see if they inspire any new ideas. Any topic you choose must enhance your reputation while educating your audience. It has to be relevant to your brand.
  • Pitch your idea. Contact the webmaster of a blog you want to partner up with and pitch your guest post. Make sure to add a line like “guest contribution” in the subject line to catch their attention, and keep your pitch concise and direct. Be personable too, briefly outline your topic idea, and then demonstrate its worth and value to them and their audience.
  • Write your article. Before you start writing, ask the editor if they have any guidelines and make sure you follow them in your article. When writing, aim to make it as in-depth as possible. Provide as much value to the audience and website as you can and try to over-deliver. Remember, this is your opportunity to raise brand awareness, so you need to make it count by demonstrating your expertise on a subject. At some point in the article, include a naturally-placed link back to your website if the editor allows this.

Once you’ve written your article and sent it to the editor, it’s then up to them to decide if they want to publish it. Then, you need to rinse and repeat for multiple other websites.

Guest blogging should be treated as an ongoing process. Because there’s a lot to it, it’s a good idea to form a small team. Hire someone to look for guest blogging opportunities, someone to do the pitch and someone to write your posts. Then, work together to promote the content.

hold contests marketing

Hold Contests

Contests work really well at raising brand awareness because, well, who doesn’t like to win things? Contests engage people and create a natural buzz around your brand. They create a sense of urgency, and they also create a sense of opportunity.

There are numerous things you can do with contests. You could give away some of your branded products to the person who creates the best image on social media that promotes your brand, or you could ask people to share videos of themselves using one of your products. The most creative person wins a free version of your newest product.

Here are some types of contests you might want to consider:

“Like to Win”


Photo Contest

Brand Contest

Caption Contest

Deciding where to host your contest shouldn’t be too difficult. Facebook performs really well for contests, while research has shown that Instagram contests can raise brand awareness by 70%. Don’t forget Twitter, too.

Here’s how to hold a contest in a few simple steps:

Contest Campaign Steps

Pick a prize and entry method. Make sure that the prize attracts leads who would be genuinely interested in your brand and products. The last thing you want to do is raise brand awareness among prospects who have no interest in what you do!

Create an eye-catching title for your contest. It can be something as simple as “Enter to Win $100 to spend at our company!”

Add a top quality photo of your prize.

Promote your contest. Use social media and email to spread the word. Promote your contest on Instagram stories, add a banner to your landing page and create a Facebook ad.

Use social media insights to keep track of your contest to see how much it’s working at raising brand awareness.

social media marketing

Exploit Social Media

Social media is a great place to raise brand awareness, but even in 2019 many brands are struggling to make their content stand out from the crowd.

In short, you can only boost brand awareness if people are seeing and interacting with your content. Here are some tips:

Social Media Marketing Tips

  • Pick the right platforms. You don’t need to be on every single platform. If you’re a fashion brand, Instagram will work but LinkedIn won’t. Twitter may work too for your clothing brand. Take a look at the conversations that are taking place on each platform and figure out which ones you should be on.
  • Be visual. We live in a visual world, where visuals grab attention much more than text. Use eye-catching visuals and graphics to stand out from the crowd. Your brand logo design and brand identity should be aligned with your brand strategy. Tools like Pik Wizard are great for finding top quality images, while Design Wizard lets you get creative.
  • Post native content. Your message might be the same on Facebook and Twitter, but the way you present it should be different. Twitter is great for dropping lots of cool, bite-sized stats, for example, while Facebook allows room for educational “how to” posts.
  • Make conversation. If you’ve got comments on social media, take the time to respond. Join in the conversation. A great way to boost brand awareness is to show your audience that you care about what they’re saying.
  • Provide lots of value but be mindful of the sale. Because people use social media to be social, you need to be social too. This means providing engaging, valuable and even entertaining content. Of course, you aren’t Mother Theresa, which means you need to hit your audience with a call to action now and then, too.
influencer marketing

Work With Influencers

Working with influencers is a great way to supercharge brand awareness. It’s one thing for you to have a product that you share with a few of your followers, and quite another for an influencer to promote your product with their thousands of devoted followers.

Influencers often have something many newbie brands don’t have – high levels of trust and credibility among their large following. These days even your employer branding has to be spot on to attract influencers!

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is find an influencer that’s relevant, who shares your values, and whose audience is engaged. This last bit is key because you want to work with influencers whose followers are actively engaging with their posts.

Step 2: Then, you need to DM them with your request. When you do this, make sure that you show them how this partnership is going to benefit them. What’s in this for them? Why should they work with you?

Prior to your request, however, you should have a think about what you want to achieve here. How do you want to raise brand awareness with an influencer?

Working with an influencer – tips

  • Work Together on a Cause – Millennials warm to brands who share their values, and who support causes they believe in. Consider working with an influencer to promote a cause that you both believe in. Partnering up on this one with an influencer who has a strong and loyal following will allow your good nature to have a maximum impact on the right audience.
  • Create Sponsored Content – Sponsored content is a great way to boost brand awareness among a new audience. Although sponsored content could, in theory, look too contrived and fake, expert influencers know how to create it so that it looks entirely natural. They know what kind of content works well with their followers, and they will work with you to create content that helps to spread the word of your brand.
  • Host Competitions – This one is a bit like hosting a contest, but there’s a catch: An influencer is hosting it for you. This means that you’ll be reaching a much wider audience, while the influencer could also encourage their followers to follow your social media accounts if they want to win the prize.

These are 5 awesome ways to skyrocket your brand awareness. It’s a good idea to implement all 5 strategies and to build small creative teams that push your brand beyond the stratosphere. Remember, it’s all about domination. The more places your brand is, the more eyeballs there are on you.

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