Search Engine Optimization

The goal of SEO is to build a strong online presence to ensure visitors can more easily find your website amongst all your competitors online.

SpellBrand is a digital marketing agency offering a full suite of SEO services tailored to your business needs. Our team of passionate professionals simplify complex online marketing challenges using our diverse expertise in digital marketing.

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service
5 Phase Metholdogy Includes:

1. Site Assessment

Social Media Management

Here we get to know your business, identify your target audience, competitors and potential challenges to select keywords that will drive traf c to your website.

Quick Fact: 90% of a campaign’s success relies on the proper selection of keywords.

Based on your industry, competition and the inherent characteristics of your site, we will create a strategy meant to match or beat the competition, taking your website’s structure, code, and digital footprint distribution into consideration.

We call this the Campaign Roadmap. All our experts organize the activities required to drive success to you in the shortest amount of time. We report the work to you in real time and in some cases, require collaboration to achieve the best results for your campaign. We drive as many strengths to your website as we can, as soon as we can.

2. Campaign Roadmap

social media marketing

3. On-Page SEO

online marketing service

We identify the technical elements of your site that can be improved and match search phrases to the pages on your site. A semantic signal evaluation ensures that your site is sending the correct information to Search Engines regarding your value proposition, products or services. Next, we create algorithmically appealing content while attempting to match your marketing language to penetrate Search filters and reach your target audience even better.

Quick Fact: 70% of ranking success in small markets is attributed to On-Page factors.

Investigating your website’s digital footprint tells us how other websites refer to you. Our job is ensuring we create a natural and balanced off-page pro le for your website. Our proprietary outreach program assists us in acquiring inbound links from unique publishers each month.

Quick Fact: Backlinks still contribute to over 60% of rankings in search

4. Off-Page SEO

off page SEO

5. Reporting and Analytics

reporting and analytics

As a company, we invest heavily in technology and provide you with real-time reporting and collaboration through our proprietary user dashboard. Our dashboard integrates Analytics, Social and Search Console data to allow business owners holistic access to the most important marketing data about their site and project progress on Desktop, Tablet or Mobile. You have the power to generate reports and analysis online and in real time.

Quick Fact: Over 80% of ROI opportunity is found through Analytics and Periodic Reporting.


  • Extensive pre-campaign site audit and keyword research, grouping, and mapping.
  • Extensive on-page optimization, which includes Google tools integration and testing, web copywriting, and optimization of tags, headers, metadata, and URLs, among others.
  • Rich snippet recommendations including breadcrumbs
  • Extensive monthly rank building through multiple guaranteed blog outreach, online news placements, PDF submissions, and press release.
  • Monthly content creation and publication on client’s blog.
  • Reports: Site Assessment Report, On-Page Optimization Report, Monthly Executive Summary Report.

  • Campaign Length
  • Keywords Targeted
  • Keyword Group
  • Search Volume
  • Effectiveness

    $1200 monthly
    • 6 Months
    • Up to 10 Keywords
    • Maximum of 2
    • Up to 4,000
  • RUBY
    $2900 monthly
    • 6 Months
    • Up to 30 Keywords
    • Maximum of 6
    • Up to 12,000
    $3600 monthly
    • 6 Months
    • Up to 40 Keywords
    • Maximum of 8
    • Up to 16,000

SEO Campaign Timeline




Pre Campaign

Website Audit
Identify on-page opportunities to boost your website’s performance.

1-4 business days upon request

Post Payment

Keyword Research and Site Assessment Report
Optimize your website with the best keywords that target your visitors with our comprehensive keyword research.
Create a website that is both user- and Google-friendly by following our site assessment report.

1-4 business days upon payment

Upon Receipt of Intake Form and Approved Keywords

On-Page Report
Boost your rankings with a proven methodology that adheres to SEO guidelines.
Increase traffic and engagement through high-quality, niche-focused content.

7-14 business days upon receipt of intake form and approved list of keywords

Executive Summary Report
Get a summary of the progress of your campaign for the past month.

2 days before end of cycle




On-Page Implementation
Continuous optimization and maintenance of your website for optimum performance.

5-9 business days

Link Building
We’ll help you rank for competitive keywords by building an authoritative backlink portfolio.

Executive Report
Get a summary of the progress of your campaign for the past month.

2 days before end of cycle

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Organic SEO and Local SEO?

  • Organic SEO is location neutral.  It’s ideal for websites that generate revenue exclusively online or are just looking to generate awareness through a wide audience. If you’re running a national campaign or an e-commerce campaign, this is the perfect methodology for you.
  • Local SEO targets local search specifically. That means that your audience is within a few miles from your business and that your online presence is meant to drive foot traffic to an actual establishment.  This is done through several methods, which includes using geo-centric keywords, producing locally relevant content, building citations on local niches and directories, and tying up with websites in the same area.

Do you guarantee the rankings?

  • Like all reputable SEO companies, organic rankings are primarily influenced by the various Search Algorithms and are impossible to completely manipulate or predict. Our methodology works by leveraging as many of the proven search metrics to your advantage in order to make your business the most relevant result for a specific search query or keyword. We aim to provide the best solutions to all our clients, thus we want our clients to speak and consult with our Project Managers to get a bigger picture of when you can expect the results that you want and how you can get it.

How soon do I rank?

  • As a general rule, we recommend a six month period to see positive results in a campaign.  How quickly you rank depends on over 200 metrics and how many are inherently present in your site from the time the project starts.
  • You can expect positive results every 6 months, however, significant traffic increases are dependent on your location, keywords, site’s authority and age, and other factors.
  • Inherently powerful websites can see results in as quickly as 60 days.  Entirely new websites may take up to 1 year to see a significant number of terms appear in the first page and the top 3 positions.

Do you cover other CMS other than WordPress?

  • We are able to implement in almost any PHP-based platform, technology, or anything that runs on open source technology.  We are not able to implement on Microsoft technology or Microsoft-powered websites because of incompatibility between those sites and our servers. Due to the training and experience of our staff and WordPress’ ease of use, we offer implementation of our recommendations on WordPress websites as an added value.
  • Charges will apply when the optimization of your site requires development changes such as new page building outside of the WordPress CMS capability, Custom post page types in WordPress, implementation in native PHP, HTML, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, and other platforms. To know if we shoulder the cost of implementation, please consult your Project Manager.

What is the difference between an on-page and off-page optimization?

  • On-page optimization is working on elements within a website that makes it favorable in the eyes of a search engine such as Google. This includes providing structure for the data on your website, optimizing the content to be more Google-readable, aligning all the content of the site to be more focused on certain topics you want to rank, and inserting mark-ups and snippets that would be displayed on search engine results once your website appears.
  • Off-Page optimization involves SEO activities that do not involve working with the actual website itself.
  • At the core of off-page optimization is link building, which is done through different methods. This includes placing articles in relevant publications, reaching out to relevant blogs to carry articles, or building citations in powerful websites such as Yelp that points back to your site. All of these activities help increase and improve your business’ digital footprint.

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