Social Media Marketing Boost Campaign

Give a boost to your brand awareness and build a loyal community online! Gain powerful Brand Recall and Google rankings!

SpellBrand has been providing a successful online marketing service for a few years now. We are now launching a new and powerful online social media launch service that would help companies launch their brands with a massive online PR and social media campaign. This includes promoting the brand launch on all major social media channels along with social media postings, engagement, and building followers.

Our Social Media Bost Service
Starts From $4,500 / £3,500 And Includes:

1. Social Media Branding

Social media and online presence must be established well before any launch to get maximum traction. For this, we will start with creating your social media channels and branding them.

We will create branded cover images and avatars for your Facebook and Twitter Or Instagram accounts. These will be crafted carefully to align with the brand identity and mission statement of the brand and optimized for maximum impact.

Press Releases are a critical tool in increasing the reach of your brand. For this, two press releases are written by our professional marketing copywriters. One is for offline usage and one is for online.

Forget about generic and boring press releases. Our awesome inbound marketing copywriters will craft press releases that communicate the core values and the brand story succinctly and with impact!

2. Powerful Press Release

3. PR Submission

Submission of PR to over 250 media outlets including national and international publishing houses, news desks, TV channel websites, and blogs.

We submit the press release to Top national and International media outlets such as Google News, Ask, Daily Herald, The Daily Times, ABC 8, Fox 14, NBC Right Now, CBS 19 and more!

Announcement campaign on Twitter and LinkedIn targeted at your industry to gain exposure and go in front of industry influencers and to over 500 industry professional including bloggers, industry journalists and more.

This is not some generic submit announcement and forget deal! We carefully craft the announcement and then follow up with engagers. The announcement also includes sharing relevant posts that align with the overall message.

4. Social Media Announcements

5. Social Media Posts

Creation and post of up to 300 powerful updates on Twitter and Facebook to create audience engagement by our inbound marketing experts.

Our experienced social media team will post updates, images, graphics, and shares on your channels that are highly targeted and relevant to your community to build engagement. These posts are based on research into the target audience worldview and customized to reflect the brand story and message!

Generate at least 500+ new followers to your Twitter channel and at least 3000+ new followers to your business Facebook account as a result of targeted advertising on these platforms. These followers will then be ready for your launch and you can even start marketing to them.

We run campaigns and paid advertising to gain highly targetted and loyal followers. These followers would be highly motivated and interested in your brand, products or services, your messages and your content.

6. Build Loyal Community

7. Gain Google Rankings

All these activities will lead to social signals that will boost your Google rankings for your primary keywords. We will also create a keyword analysis report that will help you get more rankings down the line if you focus on the suggestions in the report.

The old SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies and techniques do not work anymore. Only robust content strategies and powerful social signals help websites rank better on Google. We understand this and our whole program is tailored to this concept.

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