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A strong presence in social media channels frequented by your customers increases your Reach. In turn, this helps boost brand awareness and recall.

Our team at SpellBrand is a group of highly skilled social media marketing specialists that have years of experience in the industry. We stay abreast of the trends so that your social media management campaign receives optimal results. With the aim to become a top-of-mind brand for the product or service offered, your business can leave recurring impressions through Social Media. This leads to the customer having a clear consideration when a product or service is specifically needed.

Our Socia Media Management Service
4 Phase Metholdogy Includes:

1. Channel Audit

Social Media Management

This covers how your channels are currently performing and recommendations on how to further optimize them. Through advanced targeting systems, we identify and segment your target audience based on the demographics, behaviors, and interests you specify. After determining your audience size, we recommend a budget that will be allocated for boosting your posts, scheduling your ads, and promoting your page.

It will also include six-month goals tailored specifically for the goal you selected.

Based on your website, brand guidelines, and intake form, we will create a strategy that will serve as the basis for content to be posted on your social media accounts. The playbook will consist of the following: brand and design guidelines for the social media posts, buyer personas, a content strategy, and banners optimized for your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages. A work ow process will also be proposed and observed within the cycle.

2. Social Media Playbook

social media marketing

3. Social Media Calendar

online marketing service

Your calendar will include posts; articles; and Facebook ads complete with graphics, captions, and copies based on the approved playbook. Posts will be boosted while Facebook ads will be scheduled during the cycle. The proposed budget allotment will be applied to expand reach and awareness across the Social Media platforms.

We invest heavily in technology to provide you with real-time reporting. It reports how your channels performed in the previous month and pinpoints which area should be further optimized. Reports will also contain recommendations submitted for your approval. Once approved, those recommendations will be applied the next month.

4. Reporting and Analytics

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  • All-in-one social media package covering all social media marketing for the business with specific activities and dedicated social media hours for custom requirements of the business.
  • Professional content management with blended unique and sourced content provided in a one-month calendar for review and approval at the start of each month.
  • Total social media strategy covering all aspects of online marketing service along with branding and social media – branding guidelines, message tracks, persona, engagement strategy, content strategy, verticals, and escalation process.
  • Customizable goals for Social Media – content, engagement, and posting tailored specifically for the goal selected.
  • Traffic – generate traffic for your website
  • Awareness – generate awareness for your brand or for specific parts of the brand
  • Conversion – push specific products and lead fans to a landing page where they can convert Engagement – engage fans to interact with the page and develop brand loyalty/ambassadorship
  • Customer Service – focus on providing customer service or taking in feedback from customers

  • Social Media Audit
  • Social Media Playbook
  • Account Creation & Optimization
  • Profile & Cover Photo
  • Monthly Content Planning
  • High Quality Graphic Posts Per Month
  • High Quality Curated Articles Per Month
  • Ads Creation (Graphics with Text)
  • Campaign Budget Recommendation
  • Ad Hoc Social Media Hours
  • Follower Growth
  • Monthly Report For Facebook

    $1250 monthly
    • 10

SMM Campaign Timeline




Pre Campaign

Social Media Proposal
Learn more about how we can further optimize your current Social Media channels and what else we can offer.

1-4 business days upon request

Post Payment

Social Media Audit
Analysis of the performance of your existing channels, budget recommendations, and target audience.
Inclusive of six-month goals and timelines to observe for continual performance.

7-9 business days upon payment

Social Media Playbook
Align your social media channels with your brand strategy. This includes brand analysis, audience persona, design guidelines, content strategy, and community management guidelines to abide by in posting as your brand.

7-14 business days upon approval of the audit

Upon Approval of Social Media Playbook

Social Media Set-up
Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pro le optimization inclusive of the creation of profile pictures and cover photos.

2 days before end of cycle

First Monthly Insights
Get a summary of the progress of your campaign for the past month.

2 days before end of cycle




Monthly Calendar
Continuous optimization and maintenance of your Social Media Channels for optimum performance.
Creation of high-quality graphics, articles, and ads to keep your Page updated.
Tracking brand mentions and demographics, and forwarding appropriate responses to keep brand sentiment positive.

5 business days before start of cycle

First Monthly Insights
Get a summary of the progress of your campaign for the past month.

2 days before end of cycle

Additional SEO Services

Advanced SEO Site Consultation – $2900

The product provides in-depth SEO analysis of all On-Page and website elements to unearth all SEO opportunities that the business can use to beat competition and achieve and retain top search rankings. This highly collaborative service enables clients to quickly learn and understand the major factors important to ranking a website as well as other issues that affect ranking and site visibility.
At the end of the first 30 days, the client will know all barriers hindering the page from ranking, all SEO elements that they can exploit and take advantage of, and other site discoveries that would help the site to ensure site competitiveness in search engine visibility. The end-result is a SEO Analytics report that contains all the site recommendations for up to 50 keywords and analysis of the site up to 20 pages. This report  in the hands of a capable SEO, will be the best start point for any successful and effective SEO Campaign.
  • In-Depth On-Page analysis from tenured SEOs
  • Competitive analysis of competitors holding the top search positions for your desired keywords
  • Google Search Console setup and integration
  • Google Analytics setup and integration
  • Structural analysis of your site in terms of target page click-depth and semantic content support
  • Digital footprint overview with actionable recommendations


The product provides in-depth SEO analysis of all On-Page and website elements to unearth all SEO opportunities that the business can use to beat the competition and achieve and retain top search rankings. This highly collaborative service enables clients to quickly learn and understand the major factors important to ranking a website as well as other issues that affect ranking and site visibility.

  • Initial Data Assessment
    – Google Indexed Pages – Duplicate Content Index (Blog Tags. Printable Version, etc.)
    – Mirror Site Presence
    – XML Sitemap Presence
    – Google Search Console (301, 404’s, Manual Warnings, Robots.txt, Crawl Test)
  • Ranking Equity
    – SEMRush Data
    – Branding Equity
  • Website Assessment
    – Web 2.0/HTML 5
    – Website mobility/responsiveness
    – Microformats
    – Site Speed Assessment
    – 301 Redirection
    – 404 Page Check
    – Duplicate Site Check
  • Keyword Selection
    – Business Analysis
    – Target Audience
    – Branded Keyword Identification
    – Generic Keyword Matching
    – Keyword Selection
    – Keyword Grouping
    – URL Mapping
  • Silo Structure
    – Branding and Core Business Messaging
    – Supporting Product/Service Pages
    – Click Depth of Target Pages
    – Orphaned Page Check
  • Content
    – Indexed Content
    – Originality / Duplication
    – Keyword Presence
    – Competitive Content Volume Analysis
    – Internal Linking Support
    – Content Formats / Rich Media
    – Image Alt Tags
    – URL Optimization
    – On-Page Blog Content for Freshness
  • Meta Content
    – Title
    – Description
    – H1
    – Alt Tags
  • Usability
    – Phone Number
    – Clickable Logo
    – Above the Fold Content
    – Images
    – Incoming Internal Links
    – Outbound Internal Links
    – Image Count
    – Social Buttons
    – Calls To Action Buttons
    – HTTPS
  • Tools
    – Google Webmaster Tools Setup/Integration
    – Google Analytics Setup/Integration
  • BackLink Assessment
    – Spammy Backlink
    – Deindexed Domain
    – Referring domain with Adult Content
    – Referring domain with Gaming Content
    – Referring domain with Controlled Substances Content
    – Excessive exact Matches
    – Minimal Branding
  • Keyword Targetedness
    – URL Edits (10)
    – Meta Title Edits (10)
    – Meta Description Edits (10)
    – Meta Keywords (10)
    – Content Keywords Targetting (10)
    – H1 Edits (10)
    – (Subheaders)
    – Image ALT Tagging  (10)
  • Content Creation
    – Keyword Integration (10)
    – On-Page Content Creation (10)
    – On-Page Content Internal Linking (10)
    – Comparative Content Volume Review (10)
    – Image ALT Tag Creation (10)
    – Canonical (10)
  • Schema Implementation
    – Breadcrumbs
    – Product Schema
    – Local Business Schema (Business Name, Address, Phone Number, Operating Hours, Category, Image)
    – Event Schema
    – Restaurant Schema
  • Content
    – Indexed Content
    – Originality / Duplication (10)
    – Keyword Presence (30-50)
    – Competitive Content Volume Analysis (10)
    – Internal Linking Support (10)
    – Content Formats / Rich Media (10)
    – Image Alt Tags (10)
    – URL Optimization (10)
    – Freshness | Blog Content (4)
  • Semantic Mark-Up
    – GWT
    – Schema

Standard Blog Outreach – $300

Perfect for link-building campaigns, Standard Blog Outreach contains one keyword per post to authoritative domains with high citation and trust flow.
  • We only create professional content that are share-worthy, relevant and valuable to the readers of the blogs where it would be published.
  • Trusted high-quality blogs and magazine sites with high domain authority (between 10 to 40), high niche relevancy, high citation flow (between 15 to 40), and trust flow.
  • Our blog post outreach service is designed to bring lasting results for the target sites without fear of future search engine penalties.
  • One keyword per post for Standard Blog Outreach with low outbound links.
  • One-week turnaround time upon completion of the client brief.

Link Clean Up – $300

For websites that need cleaning without an active Webmaster warning, reaching up to 2000 historical backlinks and a removal of up to 400 links.
  • We analyze all active backlinks and create a thorough audit, identifying all toxic backlinks and domains that must be removed.
  • Reach out to all domain webmasters in your toxic backlink portfolio and request the removal of said links.
  • We use the Google Disavow tool for links that are not removed through manual outreach within 30 days.
  • Includes: Google Search Console setup (if needed), Link Assessment Report, Link Removal Report, Content Quality Evaluation, On-Page Testing and Google On-Page Violation Testing.
Need Analysis
  • Download backlinks from Webmaster
  • Run
  • Classify Toxic links list
  • Run tool
  • Remove toxic backlinks
  • Clear view of backlink make up
  • Qualifying each backlinks health
  • Anchor text extraction
  • Risk level analysis
  • URL trust factor assessment
  • C Class Sub Net Diversity
  • Link Percentage Risk Evaluation
  • In Link URL Inclusion Report
  • Exportable backlinks list to Excel
  • Raw data backlink list
Link Clean Up Tools
  • Without an active webmaster warning
  • No manual penalties
  • Less than 2000 historical backlinks
  • Less than 500 legacy domains
  • Link Building Years < 3
  • Remove up to 400 links
Setup, Review, and Campaign Process
  • 1 Day Preliminary Backlink Analysis
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • GWT Link Extraction and Analysis
  • Enrollment into Detox
  • Link Toxicity Review
  • @Domain E-mail Registration
  • RMOOV Account Setup
  • Campaign Launch
  • Link Removal Report Analysis
  • Disavow File Creation
Google Search Console on Page Testing
  • On Page Google Violation Testing
  • Look at 1 page for spam violations
  • Content Quality Evaluation
  • Link Assessment Report
  • Link Removal Report
  • .txt Disavow File Inclusion