The Top Marketing Trends for 2019

The Top Marketing Trends for 2018

Content marketing has taken the world by storm. More and more brands are figuring out that the marketing content produced is just as important as the product or service you deliver. And in 2017, content marketing is showing a real return on investment for those brands who have really invested in it in years past. Utilizing the power of social media, the intricacies of video marketing, and the usefulness of a company blog really do work.

However, as you know with the world of marketing, the landscape is ever changing. When you think about the strategies that worked for your brand in 2016, you shouldn’t be using the same exact strategies this year. And the same goes for your brand’s marketing strategies in 2018. Make sure that you get up to speed on the top marketing trends that are right around the corner in the New Year.

New and Improved Content is Needed.

Oh wait? You thought that your blog pieces were enough to engage your audience and bring them to buy your product? Well, we’re here to tell you that your 2018 marketing strategy needs an update if that’s what you’re thinking. In the past, a brand might decide to create content by just hiring a new team of writers. They would write as many unique blog posts as possible and throw them out there on the company blog, just waiting for customers to potentially read them.

However, that strategy just isn’t going to cut it in 2018. As the number of digital marketing avenues has diversified, so does your content marketing strategy. Every brand should be developing content ideas well beyond simple blog posts. Think about other types of content you can start creating – videos, graphics, illustrations, podcasts, emails, social media influencer content.

The Way Content is Consumed is Shifting.

Not only should brands start thinking about the type of content they are creating but also must get on-board with content moving away from the computer screen to the mobile screen via a mobile app. Sure, right now, a large majority of content still needs to be read or watched on screens. However, the Internet of Things (IOT) is rapidly changing that. Let’s rewind to just two years ago. The idea of a “smart home” where all appliances are connected to the Internet was still a futuristic lover’s fantasy. The idea that you could do your grocery shopping right from your kitchen seemed far away in the future.

However, what do we have today? Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Google Home have taken the world by storm. You can have Alexa set up in your home and connected to your other gadgets to make your life that much easier. As you could imagine, these advancements in the IOT mean that your marketing strategies need to take them into consideration. For example, look at Purina, which developed an Alexa skill that can teach owners about various dog-related questions. All owners have to do is ask Alexa to ask Purina to get answers to these questions.

What can your brand do with this new technology?

You Need to be Documenting Your Strategies.

Yeah, OK, this might sound like the more boring part of this article but don’t skip down just yet. Your content marketing strategy in 2018 might be the absolute best in the world, but if you aren’t documenting that strategy, writing down your goals, and tracking progress – then how could you possibly expect to make it into a reality and achieve success? That’s why another big trend in 2018 is going to be documenting your strategies.

Take one study, undertaken by a professor at the Dominican University of California. She wanted to figure out the difference between those students who didn’t write down their goals, those students who wrote down their goals but didn’t share them with anyone, and those students who both wrote down their goals and had other friends hold them accountable. And what do you think she found?

She discovered that those students who documented their goals and shared them with friends were drastically more successful in achieving those goals in the end. This study has shown a strong light on the importance of documentation, no matter what goals you’re aiming to achieve. The same applies to your content marketing strategies in 2018. If you work with your marketing team to develop them, document them, and track their progress, you’re going to have a much higher success rate than you otherwise might have.

Work on Your Live Video.

By now, you have got to be aware of how big of an impact video streaming is having. More and more brands are looking to videos as their content of choice. And there’s good reason for that! When you put up either live or non-live video on Facebook, for example, you are going to see over 100% more of organic reach than if you choose other forms of content, like photos. And if you think about it, this is pretty common sense. Videos naturally pull in more people as they scroll through their Facebook and Instagram feeds. They’re just more naturally engaging than still photos or status updates.

Even better than uploaded videos are live videos. It’s been shown that live videos receive way more engagement and organic reach than videos simply uploaded onto a feed. And consumers are much more likely to watch a live video than spending their time reading through a long blog post. Live videos can capture the attention of your potential customers much more than other types of content.

However, live videos are not just about attracting attention. They can also showcase your brand as authentic and real. If you bring out your CMO or other senior managers to speak on a live video to your audience members, this helps consumers trust your brand much more.

You’ve got some work to do.

When 2018 rolls around, you had better be ready for the shift in your marketing strategy. Be ready for the rise of live video, integration into the Internet of Things, and the more complex types of content you should be producing. 

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