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LogoLounge, one of the Internet’s most comprehensive logo databases and reference sites, has released its 10th annual LogoLounge Trends Report, which features logo design trends from the past year. LogoLounge’s report samples designs from all over the world in order to identify trends.

I’ve shared a few of the most notable trends below by picking out logos that we have created in 2012 that fall with in these logo trends. By sharing this, I aim to:

  • Expose you to some of the more popular logo design trends
  • Expand your design sensibilities
  • Help you identify which direction you’d like your brand’s logo to take

Transparent links

Transparent Links Logo

Logos that contain multiple shapes and images in different colors are sometimes placed in overlapping positions. These overlapping areas are then made transparent/translucent. This is meant to signify diversity, as well connection, which can be further emphasized by arranging the shapes into a single unbroken circle.


Peel Style Logos

“Peel” gives the impression of a sticker with poor adhesion. This is a graphical device that has been in use for a long time, but is now being used in conjunction with other graphical elements such as dropped shadows, textures, and background imagery. Some logos use this to reveal something underneath and imply a sort of hidden value.

Sphere Carving

Sphere Carving Logos

Many people already associate the sphere with the concepts of “global” and “self-contained”, but carving out elements from within the sphere lets the brand individualize the shape and gives another level of meaning, which can be helped even further by judicious application of color.


Tessellation Logos

Tessellation involves a repeating pattern of geometric shapes, which may or may not result in a larger mosaic image. Color can be used to provide striking variations in the patterns and emphasize certain elements of the pattern—perhaps signifying diversity and cooperation between groups. The geometric patterns can also imply a link to science or mathematics.

Leaf Amalgams

Leaf Amalgams Logos

In this trend, leaves are used as building blocks to form an entirely different object. The larger image may either be completely or partially made of leaves, but it will use them as a prominent element. The use of leaves implies a strong tie to nature and natural processes, which can be used for environmental companies, organic, or holistic products.


Twixt Logos

“Twixts” are tiny collections of dots that represent connectivity. These can be arranged in lines, radiate outward from a central image, or be assembled into a single pattern. It can be associated with modern concepts such as technology and interactivity.

To view the full report from LogoLounge, click here.

UK Logo Design Trends

The UK is known for timeless designs that transcend fashion, but this does not mean that there are not always new trends sweeping the nation. Logo design is a very style-oriented field, especially for people who are in fields where keeping a modern image is important. Here are a few trends that seem to be gathering momentum right now. If you are not already seeing a lot of these motifs and themes, you probably will be seeing them soon!

Minimalism. Minimalism has been popular in UK design for the better part of a century, but it remains very much in style. It can be just perfect for giving a modern and professional feeling to a logo design. However, these logos are much more difficult to design than many other types, so be sure you talk to a logo designer about this.

Signature logos. This type of logo design is rather common in the UK, but it seems to be getting more so. This is especially true in companies that are named after the business owner. If you think about it, your signature is a logo of sorts, so using it in an actual logo makes sense. This motif is also common in design oriented fields; a signature logo is sleek, modern and appealing without being complicated or dated.

Three Dimensional logos. Three dimensional logo deigns have been available for years, but it is only recently that they have been such high quality and low cost. Three dimensional logos can represent technological superiority, but they also can suggest other emotions depending on the exact design. They are especially appropriate for modern, techy, even geeky brands.

Punctuation Inspiration. We use punctuation every day in writing, but it has been absent in the UK logo design world until very recently. However, we are beginning to see it pop up in logos around us, and it is easy to see why. Punctuation helps us set the tone for sentences and allows us to be very clear; why would this principle be any different in logo design? Punctuation logo design can feel clever and be very expressive.

Text-Only logos. One way to be simple and timeless in design is to use text only. This gives your logo design a professional and sophisticated feeling, while ensuring that you will be able to use the logo through a variety of times and fads. However, one drawback is that these can seem cold and less friendly than logos which bright and pretty images. Also, if not handled correctly, these can be less memorable for the customer base.

Whether to follow a trend or to choose a more timeless design is a completely personal decision. The type that will be most effective for your company and your consumer base depends on the unique aspects of your brand and your market. If you have any questions about the type of logo that will work best for your company, talk to a professional UK logo designer.”

US Logo Design Trend Alert

US Logo Design Trend Alert: Designers Get Double Vision

As we prepare for one year to end and another to start, many people begin to look back at the preceding months. However, we at SpellBrand are all about looking forward, especially at the trends, styles, and happenings that will define graphic design in the year to come. Here is one trend that seems to be building momentum in the United States: double vision.

We have noted several times that the use of transparent, overlapping shapes is a common theme in modern logo design, but it has taken on a new twist in many of the latest designs we have seen. We are seeing the use of very limited color palettes and uncomplicated shapes that yield a simple and elegant design with both style and staying power. As examples of this trend, here are a few of our faves.

This design shows us one of the benefits of the double vision style: it can de-fuse images with negative associations. Most of us have absolutely no good associations with mosquitos; depending on the part of the world you are from, they remind you either of blood borne pathogens or a swollen itch lump covered with calamine cream. This logo design has a recognizable shape with less baggage than a less layered image would carry. The soft colors and rounded wings contribute to this effect as well.

One time when double vision logos are especially relevant s when your name or another part of your brand suggests multiple layers. Here we see an event planning company with a name that practically begs for an offset logo. The way the letters are formed from the overlap between the magenta and cyan is clever and memorable, giving the logo design a witty feeling that hints at the company brand.

The overall style suggests several different elements coming together into a single, attractive whole. The Castle Print logo design shows this well. Traditionally, printing used three base colors to make all of the hues we know and love. This was accomplished by expert blending of shades. You can see these hues coming together quite literally in this image, hinting at the history of this company’s industry. The three color bubbles come together into a castle, tying into the name as well. The suggestion is that this is a company that pulls different elements together, and that it is a problem solver. Further, this image will look great in print, which is important for a company in this industry.

One benefit to this trend is that it is easy to animate. If you want a logo design that can look good on paper while also being the basis of a simple, recognizable animation on your website or a television advertisement, this motif is definitely one to talk to your logo designer about. It won’t work for every business out there, but sometimes a double vision logo design is the perfect addition to a brand.

Top 10 Logo Design Trends of 2009

If you are looking for logo that uses the best of modern logo design concepts, the first step is to know exactly what ‘modern’ is this year. From eighties retro to layers, the logo trends of 2009 are as diverse as can be. Here are the ten top trends in logo design this year along with why they are so perfect for our time.

1. Waves

Logo Design Trend - Waves
Flexibility is a popular trait right now. With the economy in a global upheaval, we all want to do business with a company that goes with the flow. A wave shape portrays that a company is fluid, flexible, and on the move. The feeling of fluidity is further enhanced by the color change, which fades between several sunset-like colors. One drawback to waves is that they are one of the more difficult logo design concepts to work with. However, a graphic design professional will be able to make the process smooth sailing.

2. Layered Transparent Shapes

Logo Design Trend - Layered Transparent Shapes
If you look at the Chicago 2016 Olympics logo, you will notice that the rectangular shapes in the background appear to be layered. This gives the impression that the entity the logo represents is both complex and open. The way the color fades at the top makes it appear that the logo is radiating out and growing. Layered shapes that are partially transparent have been one of the hottest logo design concepts for several years and likely will be in the future. This trend is still a long way from tired.

3. Leaves

Logo Design Trend - Leaves
The green movement is huge, and it is showing itself to be just as huge when it comes to graphic design concepts. Everywhere you look there is a logo with leaves, and not just in industries that deal with gardens or the environment. Leaves are fresh, organic, and natural—and wouldn’t we all rather be outside, anyway? If you want to give your company that same natural appeal, why not infuse your logo with a little green charm by adding a leafy edge. There are a variety of ways to add leave to your logo.

4. 80’s Retro

Logo Design Trend - 80’s Retro
The bright blocky charm of the eighties is back, and the London 2012 logo only confirms it. There are a few elements that make a logo fit in this category. First, the colors must be day-glow bright, and the more bright colors, the better. Shapes must be abstract, but just barely legible. These logos are a little shocking, but that is part of what makes them so effective and memorable. The danger with this and other flash logo design concepts is to appear overly done or even tacky. However, a logo design professional will be able to give you that retro edge without going over the top.

5. Mosaic

Logo Design Trend - Mosaic
This logo is the perfect example of mosaic logo design concepts that are rapidly gaining in popularity. A mosaic gives the image of several small pieces making a cohesive and attractive whole, which is a positive message for prospective customers. Color choice is very important with mosaic logos. In our example, the company is a garden specialist, which is shown through the rich, earthy colors. This is a good example of a logo trend being made fresh and unique.

6. Circles

Logo Design Trend - Circles
Do you think there are too many circular logos as it is? The Mindshare logo is a good example of the way circles are being used in fresh, new ways. As you can see, the two circles fit together in a way that suggests they are sharing, as the company name suggests. Circles suggest both a complete whole and inclusiveness, which are both messages that can attract customers looking for a company that understands their needs. However, circles don’t have to be limited to boring orbs; there is an almost endless list of logo design concepts waiting to be used and explored, as this logo shows perfectly.

7. 3-D Shapes

Logo Design Trend - 3-D Shapes
Using shapes in logos is a long tradition, but 2009 has brought a new twist. New computer software can create a variety of 3-D shapes in a professional and realistic manner. Logos using these elements are at an advantage because it allows you to use the symbolism of shapes—in this case, the strong, masculine square is shown prominently—without falling into old, clichéd patterns. 3D logo design also can be more interesting and attractive in black and white than a normal shape would be.

8. Hidden images

Logo Design Trend - Hidden images
As the millions of children who read ‘Where’s Waldo’ books can attest, finding a hidden image is fun. Hiding an image can be just as fun, especially when it is appropriate to your company. When used in logo design concepts, hidden images add a touch of fun and a sophisticated flair while allowing you to highlight several aspects of your company culture. In this case, the logo design concepts include the woman doing yoga along with the shape of Australia in her bent leg.

9. Wordplay

Logo Design Trend - Wordplay
This is perhaps the most difficult type of logo to design, but it is well worth the effort. A logo that effectively manipulates text to get a story across is clever and memorable. People will remember it and even tell others about it. It is even better when the words can portray something about the company, as in our example. In this case, a company called Upside Down Productions has a logo that features several upside down letters. The logo is well-designed enough that all of the letters are still legible and clear enough to appear professional. An experienced logo design artist can create a similar logo for your company as well.

10. Origami

Logo Design Trend - Origami
Anyone who thinks there are no new logo ideas need only look at this one for inspiration. Origami, the Japanese art of folding paper, has become one of the hottest logo design concepts. Origami is known for its precision and perfection, so it makes a fitting logo for a company that pursues excellence.

If the logo is the face of a company, these logo design concepts are the celebrities of the logo world. Although these are all extremely trendy logos, don’t be afraid to use them. These logos may be en vogue, but they are far from overused. An experienced logo design artist can make these trendy elements both new and classic for your company.

Logo Trends of the Recent Past: A Retrospection

In any field, the study and analysis of recent trends is important because it helps you to stay abreast of your competitors and helps you set your own style.

From an international perspective, logo designing is becoming increasingly competitive where new technologies seem to arrive every alternate day to make the designers more and more experimental with their jobs.

As a result, on the one hand we come to see some really original works of art; on the other hand the internet has become crowded with copies and copies of the copies and so on.

Even then, taking a glimpse of recent logo designing trends is helpful because it brush up your ideas about latest technologies and their uses. More importantly, by analyzing the trends, a serious designer can get the idea about the route to success on the one hand and the hints of the ways to avoid on the other.

Here are the major logo design trends from the recent past giving you an idea about the thinking patterns of the others.

The use of punctuations, smilies etc
With world becoming more and more connected through the worSpellBrandide web, the way people communicate with each other has been changed significantly. In this age of e-mails and instant messages, you can express with a whole new range of vocabulary. Thus the logos using punctuation logos marks have become quite common, just at the days of dotcom boom, the sign @ became the most predictable feature of the logos.

Wire styled logo
The extremely creative logo designers are using this style a la Picasso to create some really outstading logos. These logos created with few frugal and subtle strokes are expected to stay on for a few more years.

This has been the most conspicuous trend in the logo designing in the recent past. In the world of logo designing this new style has acquired the name, the new drop shadow. This style has been widely adopted to give the hint of a greater world that apparently exists on the other side of the mirror.

Hot dog signs
These signs have been used in a number of logos to give expression to the motion or sound or any emotions. Just the same way, transmission beams have taken places in the logos of wireless systems to give expression to the sharing and spreading of information.

The presence of green
The color of green has found a strong presence in the logos of recent past. This is due mainly to the spread of organic products, boom in the spa business and like. Environment becoming the hottest issue these days, this trend is expected to stay.

You can collect the necessary spices from these trendy logos to cook up your own recipe. So take cues from the past to become the trend setter of the present.

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