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Brand Story

Baycon is a chartered architectural technologist company with 12 years experience in the construction industry working on residential projects with an emphasis of sustainable design and construction. They have a particular interest in the use of sustainable timber in their projects.

When Bayacon wanted to rebrand themselves and create a fresh new look and feel they came to SpellBrand.

Services Provided

Logo Design, Branding, Package Design, Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy: Starting with distilling their brand strategy the strategy team at SpellBrand created a creative strategy that involved an iconic treatment that transcends their competition. Coming from the Shetland Islands, the client has extensive experience of designing attractive energy efficient homes, suitable for a harsh environment. Good management and efficiency is key to the success of their company.

Brand Mission: Sustainability, quality, innovation, value for money and efficiency are all important to the client. Ultimately they want their services to be accessible to everyone regardless of the size of the project. They believe that sustainable design features shouldn’t only be accessible to those who can afford them as an extra, they should be accessible to all potential clients. They think this can be achieved through innovation and thoughtful design. They want to grow the company with a strong reputation for providing a superior service and excellent value for money.

Target Audience: A broad spectrum of clients from young couples building their first home to elderly people downsizing for retirement. In the future they may also have commercial clients. Sometimes there a tight budgetary constraints but not always. People looking to build will be looking for someone trustworthy to guide them through the process and they will always want value for money.

Brand Solution: Baya is in reference to the Baya Weaver bird, which are best known for their elaborately woven nests. A widespread folk belief in India is that the Baya sticks fireflies with mud to the nest walls to light up the interior of the nest at night. This really symbolises my low energy design and sustainability aspirations for the company. Although it is only a folk belief it still reflects a desire to be innovative. Tech or tec is an abbreviation of technical and encompasses all the construction services the client hopes to offer now and in the future.

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