TUMBUKA French Coffee Startup Branding

French Micro Coffee Roasting Startup. Emphasis is on the artisanal way of working, very pure, scientific approach to roasting coffee.

Client: TUMBUKU Coffees

Location: Rochegude, France

What we did: Logo design, brand identity, brand strategy, package design, visual communication, app design and more…

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A lifelong passion and a desire to take a more interesting approach to coffee.

The client is located in France operating a micro coffee roaster. With an emphasis on organic and fair-trade coffee and operating for the last five years, the client had been building up French clientele to drinking speciality coffee, lighter roasts with more flavour. Emphasis is on the artisanal way of working, very pure, scientific approach to roasting coffee. Tumbuka is evolving out of Atelier du Café (name of roastery), which means to blossom, or grow out of in Shona which is the language of Zimbabwe (Africa) where this whole coffee passion thing was born.

TUMBUKU’s core values for their coffees – natural, organic, flavour, nuturing, sustainability, only using recycled packaging.

The client aims to focus on a small palette of delicious, gourmet Organic and Fair Trade coffees, hand roasted with a lot of care in order to create a more original experience for their customers. To reflect this vision we decided to create a logo based on custom typography that would integrate a design element that spoke true to what the brand stood for.

Since the client started a startup that caters to a niche market segment of coffee lovers, we wanted to keep the whole visual language of the brand earthy and rustic. The dark coffee color of the logo reflects the color of rich coffee beans. The typography we created brings to mind the vast Savanah grasslands where wild lions, rhinos and elephants roam free.

We also created matching stationery design and package design that reflects the artisan and craftsmanship of the coffee that the client roasts and provide to their customers. The coffee carry bags are simple and functional with a simple design focusing on maximizing the brand logo mark front and foremost. The pattern design is also subtle and elegant with out being too complex and confusing.

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