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Promoting a new clothing brand, if you do not have a lot of funds, can be quite challenging. Using social media and other strategies can yield results but take time and a lot of effort.

There is one promotional strategy that, if applied correctly, can really take your brand to the next level and impact your sales massively – in a positive. And that is by getting celebrities to promote your brand.

If a celebrity promotes your brand, you can usually be assured of instant sales. Having a brand ambassador is a very powerful way to penetrate and dominate a market. In this post I discuss how you can go about finding and getting celebrity endorsements for your clothing or fashion brand.

Finding the right fit

The first step would be to identify the right kind of celebrities that would fit your brand. Do not start thinking about A-list celebrities. That would be a waste of your time. Look for celebrities that are up and coming but have enough followers on social media channels to make a difference.

Before the rise of social media it was quite tough to find, contact and communicate with celebrities. For most types of clothing and fashion brands, Instagram is the best place to start.

Look for Instagramers with thousands of followers and who are into fashion. These days most top profiles on Instagram are interested in fashion.

Study each profile to identify which of them would make a good fit for your brand.

Study the celebrities

Once you have a short list of potential celebrities that would be a great fit for your clothing brand, you have to spend time and effort in studying the profiles. On Instagram this includes following them and then checking out their posts and activity. Take a genuine interest. Start liking their posts and engaging with them with thoughtful comments. Understand their posting patterns and the engagement levels they are getting. Are they endorsing any brands, products or services? How are they doing it? Are they being transparent? How are their fans responding to any promotion and what are the engagement levels like? As you analyze the celebrities on your list you will be able to analyze a few right off the bat. Once you have two or three strong final contenders, you can then start putting together a plan of action to enter the game.

Communicate with the celebrity

If the celeb you are after is not A-list, the chances are that you can contact them directly through their social media account and they would not have any gatekeepers such as assistants, publicists etc. If you do encounter a gatekeeper, be polite and patient in dealing with them. You may be brushed off initially. You may not get any response at all. Be persistent and keep on trying to communicate with them.

Start off by offering to send free samples of your product. Do not talk about endorsements or money. Tell them that you are big fans of them and that you would love to send them your awesome product. If they accept and give you an address to send the product, that is great. If they refuse then just go back to you shortlist, pick the next one on the list and begin again.

If you are faced with the celeb’s publicist, they may inform you that it would cost to get their celeb to wear or use the product. Great! Get the pricing info. If it is with in your budget, carry on the conversation. If not, simply move on to the next celeb on your shortlist. You can send the publicist your product for free to gain a favorable relationship.

Most often celebs like to receive free stuff and if they see a quality product, they will use it and may even post a photo on their account. This is what we want and once this happens, you could be seeing a surge in sales.

Be prepared for a surge in sales

When you start this process, you have to be prepared for a surge in sales. Or not. A celeb may use your product and post a photo. You may not see any sales happening from this. But most often, you will see a surge in sales. Have enough inventory on hand to handle the initial sales. But do not have too much which could end up being a disaster if there is no surge in sales.

If you run out of your inventory you could start putting people on a waiting list which is not a bad thing as it will increase the perceived value of your brand the product. If people start demanding for the product, you could even increase the prices.

Promote the celebrity association

Sometimes it may take a while before the celeb is photographed wearing your product. Be patient. When it happens and your product is see on the celebs profile or on a magazine or on a fashion blog, jump into promoting that association on your website, your social media channels and everywhere else.

You can also use this as leverage to contact other celebs and ask them if you could them send them your product. Having your products or brand seen associated with a few celebs will lay the foundation for bigger and bigger celebs getting interested in your brand and for your use all that promotion to enhance your marketing.


Strategizing and navigating the world of celebrity endorsements can be quite daunting. With so much noise on the celebs social media accounts you may feel that you will never be heard or noticed. With a solid plan of action and brand strategy you can surely be heard. It takes passion, commitment and persistence with a heavy dose of strategy to get that celebrity endorsement that would make a difference to your brand and lead to a surge in sales.

If you need any help with this, contact me via this contact page or my Twitter account.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & CEO of SpellBrand. Since 1998, Mash has helped conscious brands differentiate themselves and AWAKEN through Brand Strategy and Brand Identity Design. Schedule a Brand Strategy Video Call with Mash.