The 10 Commandments Of Brand Building

The 10 Commandments Of Brand Building

In this article, I offer you the 10 commandments of Brand building. Of course, each brand is unique with a unique set of challenges and hence each set of branding goals would be different. But there are some underlying common elements which form the base of most if not all branding goals and help in branding your image and building your brand.

Commandment #1: Thou Brand Shall Have Core Values?

Brand Core Values

If you have not thought about and identified your core values, then now is the best time to help with your brand building endeavours. Start the New year with a robust set of core values. What is the driving force behind your business? What factors (besides profit) affect your decision-making process? If you can’t answer these questions, your customers won’t be able to, either.

To determine if your brand core values are robust you have to start with the following questions: 

  • Have we identified the specific, measurable objectives for our brand and how each objective links to the overall corporate vision? – This would help you come up with a list of attributes that align with the overall corporate vision and help with brand building. Then compare these attributes with the list you have come up with to see if they align.
  • Can our brand objectives be summed up in a simple, yet informative, brand mission statement? – Compare the mission statement with the set to see if they articulate the mission statement.

Read more about identifying and establishing your brand’s core values.

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