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Build The Perfect Brand

How To AWAKEN Your Brand™

Find out how we can help you build the perfect brand that differentiates itself, creates the right impact, and enables your business to dominate the market.

Every business needs three pillars to thrive and succeed – a clear brand strategy and story, an attractive brand identity that is meaningful, a robust marketing system to bring in high quality leads and prospects and a proven way to convert them to loyal customers.

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Most of the time, business owners spend a lot of their time trying to figure out these three pillars while trying to provide the best products or services that they can.

In an ideal world, business owners do not have to dilute their focus on these things.

They should be doing what they are good at – their products or services and making a difference in the lives of their customers.

At Spellbrand we have a proven system of creating an AWAKENED brand.

We have a turn-key solution where we create the brand strategy, the brand identity, and the perfect marketing funnel so that you can focus on delivering world-class and memorable products or services to your clients.



Brand strategy is the bedrock of all successful brands. It defines who the brand is, how it should be positioned in the market to gain mindshare and market share, what story it should tell to align with its ideal customers and how the story should be told through the right messaging.


Brand identity is how the brand appears to the world and its perception of it. This includes the brand identity, the primary brand mark, other brand assets, and a consistent visual language of the brand. The right brand identity goes a long way in winning over the loyalty of your target audience.


The perfect marketing system is the third pillar of a successful brand and includes a robust process to bring in high-quality leads and prospects through a powerful marketing funnel and the ability to convert the leads into loyal paying customers. This includes both paid advertising and social media marketing.


The first pillar that you need to prop up a world-class and wildly successful brand is creating the perfect brand.

You need to create a brand that understands who its customers are, the pain points they have, and how to solve them, a brand that goes beyond just the product or service and one which stands for something and is out to change the world in its own way.

  • A robust brand needs a brand strategy or a roadmap that lays down the exact path the brand needs to take to ensure it achieves what it sets out to do.
  • A brand strategy brings out core values that align with the world view of the brand’s customers and helps position the brand in the perfect way to help its customers and change their lives for the better.
  • It needs a brand story that communicates its core values and passion and sets it apart from the competition.
  • A positioning that takes the brand into a BLUE ocean and away from the RED ocean of competition.

We will help you create the brand strategy roadmap and the brand story.

A robust brand needs the right messaging to communicate its brand story to the ideal target audience and create the right impact.

We will create the messaging that you can use to lead the conversation as your brand starts to make an impact.

A robust brand needs to look the part and the brand visual language is a critical part in creating the right impression and creating trust.

We will help you create the visual language, primary brand mark, secondary marks, and other brand assets including landing pages and social media designs.


Once the brand has a strategy, story, positioning, messaging and visual language nailed down, it is time to create the perfect lead funnel to start attracting the right kind of high-quality traffic that will yield the ideal leads and prospects. For this, the lead funnel should provide enough value to the audience.

We will come up with ideas for the lead funnel based on the brand strategy we had created and will also help create the perfect lead funnel including the hook, story, and offer of the funnel.

We will even design the funnel and write all the copy for the funnel as well as for follow-up nurturing emails that start to cultivate your leads towards becoming paying customers.


Once your high value offer and lead funnel are ready, it is time to start putting together the perfect marketing system to drive high quality traffic towards your funnel.

This includes a complete system from attracting the right traffic with both paid and organic campaigns as well as bringing the traffic directly to the lead funnel.

We will create a marketing system for your brand that is turn-key.

We will even create the relevant advert designs, marketing copy, long and short sales letters and headlines for the adverts.

The Process


Schedule a 20 minute discovery call with a strategist.


On the discover call we discuss your goals for the brand.

What are you trying to achieve – besides sales and revenue. We encourage you to think about the big picture and how the brand can be much more than simply selling products or services. We also talk about overall path that your brand should take and how we can help create that path and what we can create for you. We indicate a budget.

We then send you an email with a written confirmation of the budget as well as a link to a formal proposal and pitch.


Once you sign up, we need to schedule a quick 10 minute on boarding call to review the process and what you can expect.


We then send you a followup on boarding email outlining our process and milestones.


We schedule a 40 minute call to take you through identifying you brand core values, you blue ocean niche selection etc.


We schedule another 40 minute call to talk about your audience, customers – their pain points, what are they interested in, what does a win looks like for them and so on


The final deliverable will be a video of the strategy using a keynote presentation followed by a PDF of the brand strategy playbook.


And then we move on to any design pieces that we are contracted for.

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