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Since 1998 I have launched several startups. Some have been successful and others have been failures. The more successful ones had a lot of things going for them. But one factor that I consistently found in them was that they all had a great logo design and robust branding right from the get go. Of course I am not saying that having a great logo design would guarantee the success of your startup. Startups depend on a ton of different factors that dictate their success or failure.

However, given all things equal, having a great brand helps tremendously. It may seem like an obvious thing. But you would be surprised at how many entrepreneurs rush through the initial branding stage with a limited budget. Most often than not, they tend to be satisfied with the aesthetics of a logo design that appeals to them personally and use that as the face of the company. While this may turn out to be enough, it could also lead to an opportunity cost.

A startup company logo design should be carefully crafted by an expert designer who understands branding principles and has experience working with startups and related fields. Since the company has not yet been established, it is very vital for the designer to work with the startup stake holders to identify and distill the core values and philosophy of the company. These should align with the vision of the founders. Check out this example of a wedding photographer logo and branding that we created a little while ago to understand the power of simple and elegant branding. Here is another example of real estate branding that we created for a client.

Once these attributes have been carefully analyzed, the brand’s value can then be derived in relation to the positioning and the message that the company wants to broadcast to the target market. This process is quite crucial to the startup since it also enables you, the stake holder, to think through things that you may not have considered before. Recently I was working with a client who was launching a startup that would create mobile apps for enterprise and right off the bat, during our initial conversation, we realized that there was no story to anchor the company’s brand other than technical features of the proposed product line. This could turn into a nightmare when trying to promote the business.

Having a story that anchors your brand is quite critical to the success of a startup. A brand story could be derived from the core values of the founder(s). Or it could be based on how the idea for the startup came into being in the first place. It could appeal to the “why” of the product/service rather than the “what”. What ever angle you chose, it is critical to have a story. Once you have a story, this can be used to create the visual elements of your brand. By doing this, your brand identity has a much greater chance of connecting with your target audience compared to having visuals that are created just for aesthetics and almost randomly.

Thinking ahead when create a logo design for a startup is also essential. The design should be flexible enough to take on new dimensions and levels as the company progresses and the product/service matures. If it is a rigid one dimensioned design, you will find yourself struggling with it and ultimately will have to go for a redesign which would not only be expensive but also create a disconnect in your brand.

If you would like to discuss your startup brand requirement, call me directly on 646 568 6509. I love working with startups and I can be really instrumental in helping you create a brand identity that would help launch your startup in style and stand the test of time.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & CEO of SpellBrand. Since 1998, Mash has helped conscious brands differentiate themselves and AWAKEN through Brand Strategy and Brand Identity Design. Schedule a Brand Strategy Video Call with Mash.