10 Ways To Drive Business to Your Website

There was a time when driving people to your small business website was as simple as buying some Google advertising and participating in a few link exchanges. However, these days are gone. Customers are getting very savvy when it comes to search engines and many pay no attention to the ads whatsoever. This means it is more important than ever to find organic ways of attracting traffic. Here are a few ideas for accomplishing this. The good news is that these methods are for the most part free as well.

  1. Clearly mark your site for search engine success. This means using title tags, header tags, keyword meta tags, and of course keywords. The more keywords you can fit in these areas, the better! These will tell the search engines know what your page is about and direct traffic searching for the same terms to your website.
  2. Submit your site to search engines. Search engines do not automatically index every page on the internet; you will have the best luck if you formally submit your site to them. Many free services offer to do this for you, but it will better if you submit to the search engines individually and on your own. You can also build links to your website ensure your website if found by the search engines and then crawled.
  3. Add text encouraging return visits. This can be as simple as adding a ‘bookmark this site’ script to key pages. You also may want to add a ‘Recommend this site’ button to relevant pages.
  4. Join relevant webrings. These will make your site visible on web pages with related content, where there is a high chance of relevant traffic. Choose carefully, because these web ring banners can be flashy and clutter up your web pages.
  5. Allow interested people to subscribe. You can send out an occasional newsletter or e-zine for these people—whatever works best for your company and your customer base. The point is to allow people the opportunity to form a long-term relationship with your brand.
  6. Be ethical and trustworthy. Your customer service policies and privacy policies will make people feel better about continuing to visit your website and doing business with you. Always stick to these policies; what goes around comes around, and nowhere more so than in the buzz-driven internet.
  7. Court the media. Offer a downloadable media kit on the internet and never turn down an interview. Links to your website from these pages will drive up your site rating and also bring more interested customers to your web presence.
  8. Visit related chat rooms and bulletin boards. Don’t spam these boards with commercial information, but form real relationships by posting relevant content on these boards. Place a link to your website in your signature.
  9. Become a part-time writer. Write occasional articles on your business’s topic and submit them to article banks and other similar websites. This will set you up as an internet expert while also getting your website out there in the public eye.
  10. Pay attention to branding. Make your logo and colors visible on your website. After all, there is no use driving traffic to your website if it doesn’t help your business increase sales and promote awareness of your company.

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