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Everyone wants to be a star nowadays, which may be why star logos are all around us. This shape denotes excellence, quality, and, at times, alternative culture. The following ten-star logos represent ten very different brands and different logo styles, but the star shape is well used in all of them.

UPDATE: This post has been so popular that we have decided to update the logos.

all star finance logo design

All Star Finance Logo Design

star travel logo design

Israel Travel Star Logo Design

m star logo design

M Star Logo Design

araminta barbour star emblem

Araminta Barbour star emblem

superum star logo design

Superum star logo

stark logo design

Stark star logo

matchstick alliance logo design

Matchstick Alliance logo

p star logo design

P Star logo

star kids logo

Star Kids logo

a laboratory logo

A3 Laboratory logo

A Star Logo Design

Branding and logo design is becoming common among schools in the UK. There was a time when marketing was absent in educational organisations such as schools, but more and more are seeing the community and student pride that comes from having a brand that you can be proud of. As more and more schools begin to access professional design services, the bar is being raised all around the UK. Schools with plain or old fashioned signage now feel out of date.

The National Star College and its sister organization the National Star Foundation recently introduced two separate but linked identities. The college educates students who have some very real challenges, mainly young adults with physical disabilities that can make it difficult to attend a traditional university or to get trained for a productive future. The National Star Foundation is a charitable foundation that helps to provide new opportunities for students of the school.

The college and foundation need a more professional brand and UK logo design not just for pride, but because the organisation is approaching a period of growth. They want to develop a wider range of services and also to make their cause better known in the UK. Having a great logo design created can help the National Star College and Foundation to begin achieving these goals. As the college stated in their release announcing the new logo design, they are not really known outside the disability sector, which will be a challenge in any expansion.

The new logo design features the name of the company in bold white letters against a coloured background. The S is shaped so that it has a shooting star hidden within. The National Star College uses the shortened ‘NSC’ on a leafy green background, while the foundation logo design uses merely the S (the same one as in the other logo) against a rich purple. Both organisations have developed straplines that express their purposes for people who are not familiar with them, which will help to build awareness for the growing brands.

There were a few challenges in developing this brand, which were identified by the organisation. First, the organisation wanted to make it clear that they serve adults, not children. Second, the brands for the college and the foundation needed to be distinct and yet work well together. Last, the logo design had to be versatile enough to be used in a variety of contexts, including uniforms, vehicles, marketing, stationary and more. In addition, the star image clearly ties into the name.

One of the key challenges for this brand in the future will be its reliance on colour. It is easy to see the logo designs losing recognition power if rendered in black and white formats, which will probably be necessary at some point. While the colours are modern and eye-catching, they are possible the most stylish and attention-getting parts of each logo design. When the colour is removed, a lot of the brand will go with it. However, it is a great logo design and a very effective brand for two related organisations that are doing a lot of good in UK communities.

Brand Building Tip: Be Helpful

Today’s consumers don’t like being sold to. They’re bombarded by advertisements night and day, and they have largely become blind and deaf to them. To reach consumers, then, you need a broader approach. Programs like Energy Star—which is run by the U.S. government—don’t need to worry too much about brand recognition. They simply…exist. You don’t have the same luxury.

To get consumer attention in today’s crowded marketplace you need to provide value.

Fortunately, there are several ways to show your customers you care—and, ultimately, that’s what they want. They want to know that you’re more than a cold, calculating corporate entity.

One of the best ways to ensure you remain relevant is to become a thought leader in your space. For a how-to on this, look no further than John Deere. The company went out of its way to become a thought leader in the agriculture space, informing consumers of all things farming-related. In fact, the company was very early to the content marketing game. In 1895, John Deere launched what is considered the first branded media, their magazine, The Furrow. Today, the publication exists primarily online, where it still helps to cement the company’s reputation as a leader in lawn care and agriculture.

For more on how to do content marketing right—like the folks at John Deere—see the case study, Content Marketing Insights from IAB’s Town Hall.

Another way to grab and hold customer attention is to humanize your brand. The goal here is to think of your brand as a real person, only bigger and bolder. Thinking of your brand as a person forces you to be specific. One problem with the concept of brand is that it’s nebulous. Thinking of your brand in broad terms will result in vague marketing materials that won’t have any impact on consumers.

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