Technical Products Manufacturer Logo Design & Branding

If you are a manufacturer of technical products, then you must know by now that marketing in this industry is vastly different from marketing on a consumer level. Sure, there are some similarities, but by-and-large, industrial marketing varies from consumer marketing in very big ways. That’s something that every owner or marketer of any manufacturing company needs to understand before moving forward with a marketing plan.

Client: Technical Products Manufacturer Logo Design

Type Of Project: Brand Identity

Client Location: Ellisville, MO

For example, here are some of the biggest differences to consider between consumer marketing and industrial marketing:

  • The products you’re selling are so much more complex than normal consumer products. The difference between marketing a pair of shoes and controlled temperature and humidity chambers is vast and needs to be considered.
  • The people who are buying your industrial products are going to be much more knowledgeable than normal passive consumers.
  • The marketing process for selling industrial equipment is on a much longer timeline than with consumer marketing. For example, it’s easy to create an advertisement for a new pair of shoes that you’re selling. However, it’s a much more complex process when you develop a marketing plan to sell high-tech humidity chambers that have very specific characteristics.

When you take these differences into account, you can see that the marketing process is much more intensive on the industrial side of things. However, there’s one marketing tool that’s necessary, no matter what kind of marketing you’re doing – a great logo. Your company’s logo is the first impression you give to prospective buyers. This gives them an idea of what you’re all about, what messages you’re trying to send, what sets you apart from the competition and will give them a reference to remember your brand in the future.

BioCold didn’t have a logo like this and wasn’t sure if they could come up with one on their own. That’s when their team approached our talented branding team to create a logo that would stand out from the crowd.

Now, BioCold is a manufacturer of controlled temperature and humidity chambers, which can range from reach-in chambers (20-80 cubic feet) to walk-in chambers (50-5,000 square feet). These chambers are used in everything from laboratory research to pharmaceutical manufacturing to many other specialized applications. Most of the clients that BioCold works with are architects and general contractors who are looking to invest in walk-in controlled temperature and humidity chambers. However, they are currently looking to increase their sales to end users, in addition to those architects and contractors.

However, the problem that BioCold has run into is that these end users they are targeting often don’t know much about various manufacturers. They will either automatically think about some brands they are already familiar with or search online for some options. That’s why BioCold wants to ensure they stand out from the crowd.

Our branding team got to work and developed a text/design logo that showed off the professional and excellent service that’s provided by BioCold. The logo is simple, professional, and includes BioCold’s tagline. It’s pretty obvious when you look at this logo that BioCold is a manufacturer that takes their job seriously and wants to ensure that their investors get exactly what they want.

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