Real Estate Brokerage Logo Design

This Real Estate Brokerage company brokers Real Estate sales and purchases for property owners of all kinds – home owners, investors, first time buyers, large companies etc. They specialize in Auctions- seamless and transparent giving Sellers a Date Certain for Sale of their asset at Auction Day. They also broker Real Estate sales and purchases for property owners of all kinds – home owners, investors, first time buyers, large companies etc.
The client wanted a real estate logo that communicated a power and prestige that represents their vision and how they conduct business. The result is an awesome crest like symbol of a regal lion carrying an auction gavel. Marvellous! Great care was taken to ensure that the logo played a crucial role in creating the right kind of impression on the target audience. The emblem like design reinforces the idea of trust and heritage that the company wants to associate with and communicate.

Client: Real Estate Brokerage Logo Design

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: Los Angeles, CA

The real estate industry is undergoing a massive transition at the moment. Anybody working in real estate knows that this shift, largely driven by population changes and technological developments, is the most dramatic we have seen. Let’s take a look at some stats before we get started:

  • The largest market segment in real estate are Millennials at a whopping 32%.
  • About half of all homeowners found a listing on the Internet and subsequently bought that house.
  • A large majority (70%) of potential homeowners want to learn about your company through online content, rather than from advertisements.

With all of that being said, you can clearly see the major shifts occurring in the real estate market. As a brand, you now have to work even harder to set yourself apart from the competition to capitalize on these technological and population trends. There are many of ways you can do this:

  • You can invest in your website and company blog. The content you produce online will help you take advantage of those consumers who are searching for new properties online.
  • You can develop a social media strategy in order to attract the attention of Millennials, who are spending most of their time on these networks. Create content for Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Snapchat, and other social media sites to attract them to your services.
  • Keep on track with the latest digital trends and work with your team to determine how you can integrate them into your marketing strategy.

All of those strategies are fantastic. However, one of the best ways to set yourself above everyone else is by giving your logo an update. And that’s exactly why Ezcare Auctions Inc. asked us to totally transform their logo to better encompass their values and their unique value proposition. Ezcare Auctions is a Real Estate Brokerage company that works with home owners, investors, first time buyers, and companies to broker property sales and purchases. What makes their brand special is that they specialize in Auctions, which are both seamless and transparent.

So, what did this client of ours want to show off through their logo? They determined that they wanted a real estate logo that communicated power and prestige – two adjectives they used to describe their brand on a daily basis. They conduct their business every day with a strong power on the marketplace and with prestige that only comes with a brand like theirs.

Our team got to work, thinking about how best to create a logo that showed off those characteristics. Thinking about prestige, one type of symbol emerged – a crest. Back in the day, family crests were a mark that signified what your family values and showed to others the power that you possessed. Our team came up with a crest-like symbol for our client, with a regal lion carrying an auction gavel. When a consumer takes a look at this crest logo, they automatically see Ezcare Auctions as a company they can trust, that is proud of their business, and can ensure quality work, every time.

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