Real Estate Logo Design

Real Estate Company Logo Design

The whole world is experiencing a real estate boom. There are over 1.1 million RE players in the US alone. The RE companies here constantly jostle for their share of pie of this very hot industry. No matter whether you are a seasoned realtor or just a beginner in the field, you have to make constant display of your expertise if you want to survive in this industry crowded with competitors. An effective logo designing realtor logo design can be your best instrument for sending across your messages to your targeted customers.RE is a field where the Logos can act as a deciding factor for your business. Homes, hotels – the basic products of this industry – have some romantic elements in them. People save and plan and dream for years to have the home of their dreams. Couples spend hours in planning over exotic vacations in a five star spa logo. The logos must incorporate this dream element in their approach, so that it takes just a single glimpse to sparks off the imagination of your clientele.

Real Estate logos must be emotion evoking: So the first lesson is: weave your logo on this dream factor. Just simply adding a clipart logo of a house does not make an effective one. In fact it doesn’t incorporate the appropriate message about the business at all. For homes are not just concrete structures—they are the dreams coming true, they are about formation of families, they are about warmth, they are about a place where love is found. An intelligent realtor identity would try to cash in such emotions of common human beings. So if you are engaged in the business of residential complex construction, add an image of nest instead of a brick and mortar construction—-it will signify: your company does not sell mere buildings, it helps to build up homes.

But realtor business is not only about residential complexes, the Realtors build multiplexes, malls, stadiums, factories and what not! As a designer, you have to first spot the targeted customers of the company – the logo of a realtor company that builds huge bridges will markedly differ from that of a company that is a specialist in the construction of industrial complexes. Here also you have to feel the pulse of the targeted audience…try to strike on the right string of the emotion of the prospective customers, at the same time stressing on the theme of “energy and dynamism”.

A factory project is enwrapped in years of dedication, huge monetary investment and high level of risk of the entrepreneur, the stadium involves the dream of all sports-lovers, bridges are associated with the iron determination of the nation builders. So adding a mere image of a bridge or stadium in the branding may turn out to be too predictable and as a result it will lack the quality of lasting impression. As for instance, you can bring some creative twist in the design by shaping up the type face itself as a bridge instead of placing an image of bridge at the beginning of the company name.

Try to bring out the essence of the company: Also try to emphasize on the special attributes of the Company. As for example, if the company wants to convey their environment friendliness through their logo, use the color green in abundance and use curvy lines to bring about a soft, fresh, breezy effect. Or make use of color aqua, if for example, a hotel project is situated near some kind of water body, to emphasize on the locational advantage of the property.

Thus to design an effective branding, you have to be the interpreter of dreams. Also capitalize on the unique attributes of a RE company. Now try to give shape to these factors with the appropriate lines and colors. Add to it a bit of common sense and here you go with the most fabulous Identities.