Prime Rib Steak House Logo & Branding

Prime Rib Steak House



Brooklyn, NY

Services Rendered
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Menu Design
  • Final Source Files
  • Brand Style Guide

Prime Rib Steak House is a premium steakhouse located in the heart of Brooklyn.

Established in 1963, Prime Rib has been a family owned operation with the third generation now trying to rebrand and rejuvenate the business. The steaks that Prime Rib creates are based on secret family recipes handed down over generations from their Spanish ancestors originating in the Andalucia region.

Prime Rib Steak House Logo & Branding
steakhouse menu design
steakhouse branding a
a grilled steak
prime rib steak house logo design
steak house branding
steakhouse branding
steakhouse branding a
steak house branding
steak house branding
steakhouse branding
steakhouse branding
Brand Story: Although this restaurant has so much history, the client wanted to cut clean from the past and create a brand that looks to the future. The New York restaurant landscape is highly competitive and an average looking brand with an average product is sure to die a quick death. To stand out from the crowd and win market share, Prime Rib had to recreate itself and reinvent the way steakhouses brand and market themselves.

They came to SpellBrand for a Brand Strategy that would help them re-launch with a bang.

Brand Solution: By focusing on the ethnic target audience, our strategy was to create an authentic steakhouse that was not pandering to everyone and anyone. Instead, the focus would be on serving the local Spanish community in a rustic and authentic way. This would then lead to a reputation for authenticity that would then appeal to the broader segment because these days people are looking for authentic experiences.

Following the brand and social media strategy, we started exploring different visual styles for the logo design and brand identity. We wanted to create a very vintage and almost hand-drawn kind of logo that would take people back to the good old days of handmade signs. We experimented with various illustrations of steaks on a plate and finally created a design that finds the balance between rustic and contemporary.

We also created matching brand items such as business cards, coasters, letterheads, envelopes, and more.

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