Gluten-Free Bakery Logo Design & Branding

Rewind to a couple of years ago and you would find it very difficult to find any food product with the label, “Gluten-Free”, on the packaging. However, thanks largely to the health craze that’s been sweeping the United States in the past few years, gluten-free items have now become a staple in the aisles of our grocery stores. There are often entire sections dedicated to foods that are gluten-free and those foods for people with other intolerances.

Client: Gluten Free Bakery Logo Design

Type Of Project: Brand Identity

Client Location: London, UK

However, a large majority of the gluten-free market isn’t even dedicated to those who have celiac disease and actually can’t digest gluten. Many health-conscious Americans have gotten the gluten-free trend going by giving up gluten as part of their health journey. According to some studies, around 55% gluten-free consumers spend 30% or more of their grocery budgets on gluten-free items. And a large majority of those shoppers will shop at multiple grocery stores in order to find gluten-free products.

When you take all of this into account, you can see where the market is wide-open for stores, bakeries, and restaurants that offer gluten-free alternatives to normal food products. And there’s nothing that those with celiac disease or those who have given up gluten miss more than freshly baked bread and pastries. Seriously, imagine having to give up ciabatta, pizza, croissants, and so many other delicious delicacies!

That’s where brands like the Bocconcini Bakery come into play. This innovative bakery is determined to provide gluten-free eaters with alternatives to normal bakery products they may be missing. They plan on producing bakery products that will use gluten-free special Italian blends. Here are some of the treats that will be in their range: loaves, ciabatta, focaccia, pizza, calzoni, croissants, plum cakes, and plenty of other desserts for customers to enjoy. Yum!

However, if you’re wanting to develop gluten-free products for gluten-free consumers, then you’re going to be up against some tough competition. Because so many consumers are switching to a gluten-free diet, there are plenty of brands out there who are already fighting for their business. When you want to be the brand that stands out from the crowd, then you need to have a logo that stands out, as well.

That’s why the Bocconcini Bakery came to our talented branding team to develop their new logo. They want to show customers that their bakery is friendly, full of high-quality products, dedicated to excellence, and wants to provide the best experience ever to customers. So, our team got to work to develop a logo that would encompass all of these characteristics.

The design that they came up with is one that’s reminiscent of bakeries that you might see in small towns. It’s pretty simple but gives off a warm and friendly vibe that easily draws in the customer. It’s a design that makes it clear to consumers that this a gluten-free establishment, but that doesn’t mean the baked goods are any less delicious than others!

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