Linden Foods Packaging Design

Logo Design, Branding, Package Design, Brand Name, Menu Design, Brand Strategy

Client Details

Client: Linden, CIBO House

Location: Hyderabad, India

Challenge: Linden, company located in Hyderabad, India‘s first sub brand is an Italian Bistro – actually the first Italian Cafe in Hyderabad. The client wanted a brand name for the new venture that really tied in with their concept of heart warming Italian food served to the local Indian population. After much research and brainstorming, we came up with a series of brand names from which the client chose the final one – CIBO House. “Cibo” in Italian means food and we wanted to hint at an “eating house” or “eatery”. We also made sure that the name was not trademarked and that the website domain name was free to register.

Services Provided

Logo Design, Branding, Package Design, Brand Strategy

Leading Food Packaging Company In Hyderabad, India

Linden Foods is a food packaging and restaurant holding company located in Hyderabad, India. With a rich history of servicing the packaged food industry, the client wanted to rebrand to a fresh new look that would be in line with modern branding initiatives that client had planned for the next couple of years.The Hyderabad food packaging industry is highly competitive and to stand out from the competition, SpellBrand proposed a bold brand strategy – to create a “German” like logo design with simplicity and elegance. During our market analysis we noticed that competitive brands had quite chaotic and cluttered branding and visual language. A simplistic logo and color palette would then help the client stand out from the crowd.

We also helped the client with designing some of the packaging for their new line of Asian Instant Food packages. This included using simple and bold photos of the food on the packaging with ample white space and very simple branding. The instant food packages on the shelves by their competitors were so overloaded with images, design and text that they all looked the same. By removing all unnecessary details and text from the food box packaging, these packages stand a chance to stand out on the shelves of super markets.

If you are thinking of getting your food package design created, perhaps these principles can help you:

1. Keep the packaging design simple and clean
2. Use high quality images of the food
3. Remove all unnecessary embellishments and design elements from the packaging
4. Reduce the amount of text – as long as they are within the government guidelines
5. Make sure your packaging is completely different to your competition – this is critical

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